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Strategy Guide Publisher Prima Games Announces It Is Closing

Many of you have probably used a Prima Games guide sometime in your life to tackle difficult games, or just find out more in-depth details about the things you can do in the game you are playing. Sadly, the company has announced today that it is set to close down around next year. EGM reports that the employee at Prima Games office which span Roseville, Indianapolis, and New York will all eventually close. The publisher has been around for a staggering 28 years and will be missed.

The Dorling Kindersley division of Penguin Random House announced the “extremely difficult decision” to discontinue the U.S.-based imprint of Prima Games by spring 2019.


15 thoughts on “Strategy Guide Publisher Prima Games Announces It Is Closing”

  1. Aww, but pictures and physical Pokedex guides and physical Animal Crossing checklists…

    Those are pretty much the only guides I buy anymore, and when Animal Crossing Switch comes out, it’s gonna be really tedious keeping track of what I do/don’t have if someone else doesn’t make it. Like, I get why they’re shutting down, but still.

    And no, smartphone is not a proper solution for me.

  2. Killed by the internet. I used to get a strategy guide with every big game I bought, especially during the GameCube era, and they were mostly Prima. I didn’t use them that much for actual help though, I used to like the artwork and background info they had.

  3. I still have their Pokemon Emerald guide.

    Ludicrously useful at the time. The Braille was mandatory to get the Regi trio.

  4. The presentation of these guides is much better than looking up on the internet and they’re not as prone to errors. Its frustrating when people online post the wrong method to unlock something, sometimes multiple sources have similar but false unlocking methods and sites will often copy each other, so you have to dig for a source with the correct information. Bulbapedia often has errors and many people consider them to be the best source and spread the errors. I remember trying to breed a Charmander with crunch because Bulbapedia had false info.

    Official guides are often more accurate because they’re pressured to be correct before printing and they get their information from official sources.

  5. Dam i think the only guide I have ever bought was back then for Pokemon silvera as a kid. It wasn’t a guide back then tho it was a sacred tome. Now im upset I didn’t buy any other guides to keep for memories

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