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“Realistic Pokemon” Artist Landed A Job On Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Movie

RJ Palmer, who is renowned for his artwork portraying realistic Pokemon, managed to secure himself a job on the upcoming Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Movie. Mr. Plamer was scouted by the movie’s production designer to work with the team on the film which we saw the first trailer for yesterday. The production designer Googled realistic Pokemon to see what the talent was like out there online and picked Mr. Palmer. Here is some of his artwork.




      1. Maybe he is? I mean, you don’t have to be able to see to enjoy video games. Are you saying blind people can’t enjoy video games? How dare you! You’re an ableist! You hate disabled people! Go rot in Hell, *insert retarded PC Culture fanatic insult here*! Wait! I called him a he! Maybe he’s a she! Maybe she’s genderfluid! How dare I assume his, her, or it’s gender! I’m a genderist! Excuse me while I go kill myself for being a horrible, horrible human being!

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          1. I’m not skilled enough to make fan games. Even if I were, I wouldn’t chance it. Least not with Nintendo’s IPs. I can’t afford no 12m bucks if I get sued. Besides, if I wouldst to make some video games, they wouldn’t be fan games but my own original ideas. There would be some references to other things in pop culture, though. I’m pretty sure the dragon scales emblem (the thing the Triforce is based on) is public domain.

      2. @Infinity Ridley, actually, most genderfluid/non-binary people tend to go by “they/them/their” pronouns, and not “it”. But heck, i don’t know, maybe some do use “it”? Sorry, don’t feel like you have to reply to this post, I just wanted to let you know in a nice friendly comment before one of those fanatics you mentioned did first. Those guys are the worst.

  1. I wonder if Meowth will be on there or Team Rocket? Probably not. But you got to admit Pokemon is not complete with out Jessie and Jame.
    Prepare for Trouble and Make it double!! I just love them!!!

  2. Now that I think of it, I would had love Meowth to be on Smash Bros. I better shut up, Nintendo may make him one of the hidden people then folks would get made at me with now only 3 DLCs left. Hahaha

    1. *4 DLCs left

      Piranha Plant isn’t one of the 5 DLC characters. It’s just a bonus character people will get for free if they register the game on their Switch before January 31st 2019.

  3. This is how you treat people that do fanart and the like: you fucking hire them if they are quite skilled. You don’t barrage them with C&D orders and other things to bury them. Now if they would just hire some of these people to work on some of their video games.

        1. If they aren’t making money off the fan game, I don’t give a shit if Nintendo is allowed to do it because they have a copyright. Copyright itself has become a corrupt & toxic monopoly in & of itself. Now away with you, sheep! AWAY!!! lol

  4. It’s nice that Nintendo is finally hiring fan artists (like SEGA did with Team Headcannon), instead of just stepping on them with DMCAs, but this was the wrong way to go about it.

    Just looking at some of these designs takes the charm out of the original Pokemon and the franchise they’re from (namely the anime).

      1. After the Super Mario Bros movie back in the 1990s, you are crazy if you think Nintendo isn’t somehow involved in this. In fact, The Pokemon Company is a joint venture between Nintendo, GameFreak, and Creatures Inc. Trust me. Nintendo is definitely involved.


      OMG! Can you get any dumber on this website? A Fan Game is illegal no matter if you make money or not. (Which they don’t but that’s beside the point.)

      He was hired from WB based on his art alone. Not just because he’s a fan artist.

      If that one is true? Then Fakemons might as well be canon by your logic.

      Pokemon and the company who owns them have to write legal papers asking the fan artists to use their fakemons for their creations. Which will cost LOTS of money!

      Just STOP!

      1. Now you’re just being a dick.

        If you can’t accept that people hate Nintendo’s practices, then kindly bug off.

            1. You still haven’t read my comment fully and you still want me to leave? Dude! It’s not like I murder your wife or anything. Stop reading my comments to you if you are this triggered by them.

              And I guess you haven’t let go of them since you still reply to my comment hours after this article was posted and in fact was days old.

              Just move the hell on already. You making yourself look like a cry baby just for replying to my comments.

              Jesus Christ! -_-

                  1. I really wish I could mute notifications on this site.

                    Now every time I see a new notification, the first few are “Loco Nitwit” messages, with notable phrases such as “born retarded”, “Dude!”, and “IT’S NOT THE SAME JURISDICTION! OMG!”

                    Please just end this!

                    Nintendo should listen to fans more, because a majority of them have REALLY good ideas. Even SEGA knows this (lately).

                    1. You don’t have to reply to every comment I make you know? Don’t you have a life outside of My Nintendo News? There’s other things you can do like play video games or just go outside and breath fresh air. My comments are not the end of the world for you.


                    2. You don’t have to reply to every comment I make you know? Don’t you have a life outside of My Nintendo News? There’s other things you can do like play video games or just go outside and breath fresh air. My comments are not the end of the world for you.


                      Edit: One mistake from my last comment.
                      Last comment won’t send due to the image link URL being broken as heck. Can some mod please my old comment and people see this comment. Don’t want two of the same comments appearing at once.

                    3. Dude! Just move on from this. What are you? 12 years old? It’s not healthy to reply to my comment every ten seconds. You’re making yourself look bad and I’m hoping your family is not there reading your comments online.

                      Just saying. Move on from this and stop getting triggered over demotivational images.

                    4. Dude! Just move on from this. What are you? 12 years old? It’s not healthy to reply to MY comment every ten seconds. You’re making yourself look bad and I’m hoping your family is not there reading your comments online.

    1. Honestly, that’s a good thing since they want this movie to reach a wide audience. His original work tends to get pretty nightmare fuel-y and would have probably forced a higher rating. Being as it’s Pokemon, they unfortunately want it to reach a bigger audience so the lower the rating, the better. It’s why we still have yet to get a Pokemon anime based on Pokemon Adventures that shows off the more darker side of Pokemon as it would only get maybe teenagers and adults interested where as TPC and Nintendo want little kids to also watch Pokemon stuff.

      I’d love to get a Pokemon anime and some Pokemon movies that are made more for the older audience of Pokemon, but I’ve accepted the fact we may never get those as they want little kids to also enjoy the franchise.

      1. I mean.. I don’t really care about the way the pokemon look in this movie. This is a situation where they wouldn’t be able to win with how they made the pokemon look no matter what. That being said.. they still mostly look like nightmare fuel in the trailer probably due to anime eyes with the overly textured fur.

        I’d love an anime based on Pokemon Adventures. I love that manga.

  5. awesome
    I have been following his works for years, nice to know that!
    When I saw the trailer I thought about him making the part of the team.

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