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Team Salsa Destroys Team Guac In The Latest Splatfest For Splatoon 2

The latest Splatfest results are in for Splatoon 2, revealing the winning side of the in-game competition between fans of salsa versus connoisseurs of guac. After all the tallies have been counted, it turns out that Team Salsa came out on top in every category, with a perfect 3-0 win. Congratulations to them and props to all participants on both sides who gave it their all!



    1. Hey! I lost a ton of weight thanks to that disgusting fruit.

      That said I still don’t like Guacamole not to mention that in the spanish language, guacamole is literally salsa.

  1. I haven’t taken part in a Splatfest for ages because they keep having them the weekend a big game is released.

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