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Video: Warframe Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Warframe is finally available on the Nintendo Switch and I suspect a number of you are anxious to try it out. The free-to-play title is now on the eShop and to celebrate the launch the team has put together the following trailer to give you an idea of what to expect before you play.

Warframe is available now on Nintendo Switch! Download and play for free as you fight alongside 38 million Tenno to save the Origin System. Get a free in-game welcome pack when you play Warframe on Nintendo Switch by Dec 4. Play free now

2 thoughts on “Video: Warframe Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer”

  1. I’ve played this a little on PC and on PS4, but for some reason the Switch version seems like a lot more fun to me, and probably something I will play more often. Looking forward to trying it out today. Now if we could just get crossplatform play.

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