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Video: Comparison Of Pokemon On Nintendo Switch Compared To Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon: Let’s GO, Pikachu and Eevee! is now available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch and it is fantastic to see how Pokemon are rendered on the superior hardware. We have all previously been used to seeing Pokemon on the Nintendo 3DS so it is great to see the jump in quality. YouTube channel Hoodlum Scrafty has produced a comparison on Pokemon on both systems in the video down below.

Today I decided to take a side by side look at how some pokémon look on the Nintendo 3ds, versus the Nintendo switch. If you’d like to see a video where I compare EVERY Kanto Pokémon in this format.


  1. But, but, but, but, Switch isn’t a handheld, that’s what Nintendo fanboys keep saying. It’s a home console, meant only to replace the failed Wii U, not the 3DS, so they can’t be compared, because one is a home console, the other a handheld.

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