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Some Retail Copies Of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Have Found Their Way Into The Wild

It seems some individuals have managed to secure themselves retail copies of Super Smash Bros Ultimate before the game launches on the 7th of December. That means you are going to have to be extra careful when browsing the web as spoilers are bound to appear. It’s not clear how individuals have managed to obtain copies this early but they seem legit.


21 thoughts on “Some Retail Copies Of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Have Found Their Way Into The Wild”

  1. We’ve already seen all the characters and stages that’ll be part of the base game, so the only things they could spoil are unlock requirements and the rest of the World of Light mode.

    So, I’ll definitely be avoiding Twitter like the plague until the game releases because I know someone on there is going to post screenshots of things we haven’t seen yet in World of Light.

    1. Nope.. likely stolen from retail distribution centers, such as GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, WalMart, or Target…

  2. If you got a copy, be careful when playing it. Even if it’s by some chance no fault of yours that you got the game early, Nintendo won’t care and will punish anyone that is dumb enough to use the game online.

    1. Yeah they know if you used the online feature for the game early, you can get a online banned for playing it early. thats what happen to people back when they play Pokemon Sun and Moon online game early and they banned 10 thousand users in november 2016 for showing the story and play the online game early.

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