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Pokemon: Let’s Go Now Fastest Selling Switch Game Ever Selling Three Million Copies Worldwide

Nintendo has confirmed today that the ultra-cute Pokemon: Let’s GO, Pikachu and Eevee! is now the fastest selling Nintendo Switch title ever and has sold more copies than Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at launch. Nintendo has confirmed that they have sold three million copies of Pokemon: Let’s GO, Pikachu and Eevee!.


29 thoughts on “Pokemon: Let’s Go Now Fastest Selling Switch Game Ever Selling Three Million Copies Worldwide”

    1. As a Pokémon gamer that’s been around since red/green/blue. I was kinda hesitant about Let’s Go. Pokémon Go has a lot fresh ideas but I didn’t like how they made you walk to play. Those fresh ideas with seeing the wild Pokémon and the strategy catching to me was a new mechanic that I enjoyed. I thought if you could blend both styles of Pokémon you’d have the best of both and that’s exactly what Let’s Go is. Also I love how they game progresses from super easy to very difficult.

      1. It’s awesome, Pokemon Let’s go also have me new insight to never, ever listen to any commenter, viewer online nor waste time reading user reviews. I noticed that it’s a 0/10 from bitter little boys angry that they can’t afford the game and man children scared by playing this game girls who don’t even care about them would judge them.

        And you have the other ones 10/10 because the love to brag.

        It’s the best version from gen1, get used to it.

  1. I thought Lets Go was supposed to be a flop and the worst pokemon game ever. I guess this proved the haters and fake pokemon fans wrong

    1. I haven’t really been seeing comments like that personally. Simply comments from people stating that they don’t like how this game looks, and also those that were worried that this was supposed to be a new permanent direction for the Pokémon games. Fortunately, it simply turned out to be spin-off, and it’s nice that a lot of people like it. But then again, I don’t know if it’s really fair to compare it to Zelda and Mario, since it’s banking so much off of the casual Pokémon Go crowd.

      1. Not a spin off, but remake and the best version yet of Gen 1, keep crying or get a job so you don’t have to moan online.

      2. Except it’s not a mainline game at all. It uses Pokémon Go mechanics and deviates greatly from the originals in core gameplay aspects. They are very much spin-offs. But great job with the unnecessary hostility that really just made those tips of yours seem like self-reflections.

      1. As a game to play with my 4.5 year old, it’s the best game in the series. If this was a core release, I’d have skipped it. Instead, I bought it and two balls. I couldn’t ask for a better game to play with my daughter, and she’s absolutely in love with all things pokemon now. It’s just not made for you, and that’s okay. Yours will come next year and we’ll sadly sit out waiting for the next let’s go. Maybe in a few years she’ll be ready for a core game, and I just hope they’ll add a solid coop to that (one that adjusts the difficulty to match two players).

    2. ‘let’s go’ is under performing in sales.
      It will need to sell 8-12 million in its life in order not to be considered a flop.
      T-o Gen 8 is expected to sell 16 million (that’s just the average).

      The game needs to keep this speed up.

      1. 8-12 million is a substantial amount many AAA studios would kill to get those number. But yeah I too agree that gen 8 will outsell lets go in a faster rate.

        1. That’s me being fare to the game.
          Pokemon is big! never underestimate it.

          I do find it a little funny that people actually thought this game could sell 30-40 million (I guess those go players didn’t come).

          XD So me worrying about 8-12 million isn’t that big of a number.

    1. Nope haters like you should not be rewarded. deal with it. Not a real fan. Go play your cowboy game, you don’t make Pokémon rich, bye bye

      1. Only idiots tell people they aren’t a real fan. People are allowed to like, or hate, whatever they want and can still be fans regardless of which spectrum they fall in. And what makes you think he’s playing Red Dead Redemption 2? Even if he is playing it, so what? Nothing wrong with that game; it’s getting as much positive feedback as Pokemon Let’s GO!

        1. Maybe he’s one of those crazy people attacking anyone that doesn’t worship a product. These people became more of a nuisance after Ghostbusters 2016. If you don’t worship the product, you’re a misogynist, hater, not a true fan, blah blah blah.

  2. its actually not as bad as people make it out to be. also people whine about motion controls yet they dont whine about VR which is just an upgraded motion controls. my only complaint is no wild battles, no complaints about motion controls because its motion controls and tends to be slightly less accurate so no need for a complaint. no complains about this being core game because its not and no complaints about the Pokeball Plus aside from not being able o tell if its charging and when its done, would like it if it played the healing theme when fully charged instead of when you plug it in.

    1. ^-o I want to do a cheesy Z move dance with the joy-cons (the z ring was an expensive peripheral).

      It would make a lot more sense for the sound to come at the end (full charge).

  3. This game is awesome, it’s a remake from red/blue but with some idea’s from ORAS and X/Y and some new stuff. It’s the best version of Gen 1

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