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Splatoon 2 4.3.0 Update Coming 5th December And Splatoon 2 European Championship Grand Final 9th March 2019

After a thrilling finale to the Splatoon 2 UK Championship, Hisashi Nogami, the producer of Splatoon 2, took to the stage to announce that the Splatoon 2 European Championship 2018 – 2019 grand final will take place in Paris on 9th and 10th March 2019. He also revealed new weapons and gear abilities coming to Splatoon 2 on 5th December.

After a weekend of some serious splatting during the MCM Comic Con in Birmingham, defending Splatoon 2 UK Champions, Team Mako jetted out as eventual winners after beating Team 4D 3-1 in the final. Despite Team 4D’s valiant efforts to close the gap after going down 2-0, Team Mako pushed forward and clinched the winning point in Clam Blitz to secure the championship. They’re just one of the 12 teams that will travel to Paris in March for the grand finale, where one squid squad will be crowned as Splatoon 2European champions. Going up against Team Mako will be 11 talented teams from across the continent, including French winners Alliance Rogue and Polarized from Spain, both of whom made it to last season’s European finals only to leave empty-handed. Hoping for a repeat performance will be reigning German champions BackSquids, who were crowned last season’s European champions and hit the world stage in the Splatoon 2 World Championship in Los Angeles, only to lose out to Japan in the final.

Teams from Italy, Russia, and the Nordic regions will compete in the coming months to join the below inktastic teams who already qualified for a shot at glory in Paris next March:

  • Germany: BackSquids (Winner of the German national Splatoon 2 tournament at gamescom 2018)
  • France: Alliance Rogue (Winner of Paris Games Week)
  • Spain: Polarized (Winner of Madrid Games Week)
  • Switzerland: Huitante (Winner of Zurich Game Show)
  • Netherlands: Polderlantis (Winner of First Look)
  • Belgium: Overtime (Winner of Gameforce)
  • Austria: Team ? (Winner of Game City)
  • Portugal: Hexagone (Winner of Lisbon Games Week)

While these teams are the best of the best, all Splatoon 2 players will have new weapons and abilities to toy with very soon, as these new weapons and abilities are coming to everyone on 5th December as part of the Splatoon 2 4.3.0 update:

  • The gear abilities Bomb Defence Up and Cold-Blooded will be combined into the new Bomb Defence Up DX ability, giving the full effects of both abilities in one
  • Main Power Up is a brand new ability that will improve the performance of main weapons in different ways, such as increasing damage, upping the size of the area covered by ink, and more. Main Power Up will be available through some gear items sold at shops in Inkopolis Square and in the SplatNet gear shop, or as an unlocked ability when select gear levels up
  • The final new weapons will be added – Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau, Nautilus 79, Custom Explosher, and Bloblobber Deco, as well as four new weapon sets from the Toni Kensa Collection

The Splatoon 2 European Championship 2018 – 2019 season will culminate in a live final in Paris from 9th – 10th March 2019, with the UK’s Team Mako the latest squid squad to qualify. On 5th December, new abilities and the final new weapons come to Splatoon 2 in the game’s 4.3.0 update.

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