UK Charts: Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu Slips To Number Eight

The latest UK charts are now in thanks to the team at GFK Chart Track. It has been a busy week with Black Friday and numerous video game discounts. The best-selling video game during the sales was FIFA 19 which shot from number five to number one. The best-selling Nintendo Switch title is Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! which is counted as an individual title and has slipped to number eight.

Nintendo Switch regulars Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (No.10), Super Mario Party (No.24), Super Mario Odyssey (No.25) and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (No.38) rose 98 per cent, 110 per cent, 110 per cent and 111 per cent.

Last WeekThis WeekTitle
51FIFA 19
72Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
23Red Dead Redemption 2
New Entry4Battlefield V
115Forza Horizon 4
37Fallout 76
48Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu
19Spyro Reignited Trilogy
910Mario Kart 8: Deluxe



    1. Nah, then I wouldn’t have bought it and 2 pokeballs + a boatload of plush and toys for Christmas this year because my five year old loves all things pokemon now. I’ll probably have to skip the next core series unless it comes late in the year and still includes co-op. But if there’s a Lets Go the following year, that’ll be a first day buy for sure.

      1. @Frogopus, Why bother arguing, look at his name ! This guy is obviously a moron and doesn’t even own the game.
        Anyone who passed the Third Gym, knows they made the Npc’s harder than the original Yellow version and even Sun & moon.

        But keep feeding this trolls and other morons who echoing garbage from youtube.

      2. @Frogopus, yeah really effective, amazing results ! Dude doesn’t even reply nor care what you say and nobody changed their mind. You could just typed nothing and everything would be the same. 10/10

        1. Honestly, the difficulty for us is perfect. Our leveling is spread out like crazy because my daughter likes to use a lot of Pokemon. Sometimes I get on by myself just to grind catching a bit to level up some of the more neglected ones, but mostly our team matches whatever level the npcs are throwing out. We occasionally battle 3-6 levels higher than us. She has a good understanding of what moves to use and she’ll switch out the right types when she can, but she’ll sacrifice a type balanced team for one full of her favorites. And catching wild pokemon? I’ll say its harder and more enjoyable trying to time my throws with a four year old, and somehow the kid has better aim than me. At least there’s no accidentally critting a wild pokemon you’re trying to catch now.

          Basically, this is the first challenging Pokemon, with the least amount of boring grind, that I’ve ever played, even with the unfair advantage of using two pokemon in co-op. I think they should have a difficulty option that turns all co-op fights into double fights from every npc. If my daughter was older, we would probably need that.

          So, I guess the question is what’s the intended audience? The 8-11s that were originally targeted with Red and Blue? Is it the hardcore 20-30s that have pushed for Pokemon to be in a more competitive space? Is it gamer dads like me that want to introduce the game to their kids? I’d argue that this game is Nintendo’s solution to a fan base that was already dying and not recruiting enough new fans. They have toys, cards, and plushes to sell and they need to bring in kids like mine at an early age. Chances are good now that she’ll pick up another Lets Go when shes 6-7 and then be ready for a core game at 8. If the 2019 game brings in some of the better designs from this while still keeping things traditional, the Let’s Go games will be healthy for the IP overall.

          1. but the grinding is what made the game fun and work sticking with, this is really just a 5 minute everysecond game with no real skill or knowledge to play ok granted the models of the characters look pretty good but it’s the overall lack of features the mainline titles had is what makes it too much of a mess for me. But I hope your kids enjoy it, Even if this is a spin off i think the level up system could of been better and the wild battles should of remained not just throw the ball that’s just too simplistic for starters, but i see your point to and i respect that.

            1. Yeah, I totally get why a lot of fans aren’t happy with Let’s Go. I just want people to understand why the series is so exciting for someone like me, and I’m not even a filthy casual :P

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