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UK Black Friday Week: 300,000 Consoles Shifted, PlayStation 4 Top Followed By Xbox One And Nintendo Switch

It has been a huge week for video game sales in the largest video game market in Europe, the United Kingdom. Games Industry is reporting today that a staggering 300,000 consoles were shifted during the sales. The PlayStation 4 was the best-selling followed by the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. There were plenty of different deals for each format including some great Nintendo Switch bundles.

“But we understand that PS4 was the best-selling machine, narrowly ahead of Xbox One, which was narrowly ahead of Nintendo Switch.


46 thoughts on “UK Black Friday Week: 300,000 Consoles Shifted, PlayStation 4 Top Followed By Xbox One And Nintendo Switch”

    1. Who the hell buys a Xbox instead of a PS4 ?
      It has less exclusives, no Gran Turismo and so on.

      And you reward a company that tried to screw you in the past ( remember the xbox one launch ? No Second hand games allowed and always online )

      You also reward a company that tries charging you for internet access. Aka access to the xbox account since you already paid for internet with your isp and you can’t lock the hardware internet jack. And NO Servers, so it’s basically paying for a locked Xbox account something that’s a service not a photoshop program with updates.

      It’s a scam, fools bought the Xbox subs, Sony followed and now here we are with Nintendo.

      1. Lots of things have tried to screw me in the past. But you know what? That was over 3 years or more ago. If you are still mad at Microsoft for that when they’ve done things to make up for it since then, are you sure it’s not you that’s actually the problem? Are you still so enraged by Super Mario Bros The Movie, Doom, Resident Evil films, etc that came out ages ago? That’s a sad life to live if you are still angry about things that happened in the past. It’s not healthy to dwell on things you can’t change. Time to let it go and move on. You’ll be much happier that way.

      2. I think I just figured something out. So much rage towards Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft where most of your rage is focused on Nintendo and Microsoft yet there is a certain degree of angry love toward Nintendo while it’s just outright contempt for Microsoft. I admit the style of your name had me thinking you were Church of Sasori who had just gotten angrier over the last year at first, but he wouldn’t have this contempt for Microsoft that you’re showing. So…

        Stranga..? Is that you..? It would explain A LOT of your comments.

      3. What are you even talking about?
        Second hand games have always been allowed and I think they patched out the always online thing on day one.

        The guy in charge when those features were announced got quickly sacked and Microsoft did something I could never imagine Nintendo or Sony doing and listened to complaints and removed the unwanted features.

        And when have you ever needed to pay for an account? You only need Xbox Live Gold to play online multiplayer, which is not only cheaper than PlayStation Plus, but has a better reputation for quality.
        There’s also free cloud storage.

        And what do you mean by no servers? Most games on XBL use dedicated servers.

        And Playstation is now about to get a lot less exclusives due to screwing over Japanese developers who are beginning to see that PC and Switch are where it’s at.

        Microsoft has always been the most customer friendly from my experience. Sony is the only company I have ever taken to court. Nintendo refuses to repair 3DS even under warranty. Microsoft extended warranties on XB360s, helped me with an installation error with Office 2016 (even though I suspect the store that sold me my product key might’ve sourced it from a scammer), honored the consumer guarantees act without legal threat when I bought a faulty XB360 Slim and someone I lived with said customer service activated an expired code for him.

    2. The slim model was going for $200 with one game included (Minecraft or 2k19) which is ridiculously cheap, and Xbox One X was going for $400.

      Sony’s was pretty much the same, PS4 slim (with either Red Dead or Spiderman) for $200, or a Pro for $400 (with Red Dead or SPiderman) so it wasnt like either was cheaper then the other.

  1. There wasnt really great Nintendo switch sales this year so I am not surprised, but there was really good deals on xbox and playstation, I got me an xbox one x, my very first non Nintendo system, with a ton of games.

      1. @??? How is it a good deal ? It’s old hardware from 5 years ago and if you Google PS4 top games list, it’s all boring violence and old engines with new asset games. Zzzzzz

        You also need a PS4 online sub from 60 bucks, lol.

        Only RDR2 would be worth it, but that’s also another overhyped game. It’s basically GTA5 with new assets and missions.
        And scripted poop. I played it, others played it, everyone stopped playing it because it’s boring now and the controls are a joke for calling this a game.

      1. As for the games, I bought them from a bunch of different places, I got cuphead, overwatch, gta5, black ops 3, monster hunter world, shadow of the tombraider and sunset overdrive. Needless to say I have a lot to play

  2. Who the hell buys this old PS4 console at the end of 2018 ? They gonna announce a new PS5.
    You also need another 60 bucks for online only.

    Bet people buy these old things for Red dead Redemption 2.
    If Switch would run it normally, Nintendo would destroy the Black Friday sales.

    But Reggie said they don’t compete so this is the result, bet Sony is happy about Reggie cuckery and low energy.
    No competition LOL Reggie, you lost the fighting spirit brother.

  3. I couldn’t find a ps4 anywhere brand new in my city, not even online. Those Spider man, RDR2 bundles combined with Gamestop offering a $50 gift card if you missed out on the previous BF sales literally wiped the ps4 stock out.

  4. I’ve never understood why ANYONE buys Xbox. Since the first Xbox console, I’ve hated it. The CD ripper is the only feature I liked. The only good exclusives on Xbox are the games Microsoft bought from RARE. And even those aren’t worth buying an Xbox for. The PS4 is where the action is at. I can’t even pull myself away from it.

    But man, I sure wish the PS4 had a CD ripper. That’s the only downfall. I hate not being able to use custom soundtracks in WWE games etc. I even stopped buying WWE games on PS4 for that very reason. Custom soundtracks add SO much to a game. I feel like the only person in the world who feels that way. If they really wanted to, they could easily make custom soundtracks work on the PS4 with a flash drive. Just put music on a flash drive and plug it into the PS4. Why hasn’t any game company tried that? Even Nintendo did that twice on the Wii with the use of an SD card. The only question is, why did they stop at only two games that use that feature? Nobody thinks the way I do.

    Wow, what a change of topic. This issue has been a chip on my shoulders ever since the first Xbox.

    1. You want to know why the PS4 doesn’t have any features for music CDs like their past systems did? Because of Spotify. They either own a stake in the company or they are partnered with Spotify, so they want you to use that on your PS4.

      1. Sony owns a little over 5% of spotify, that alone makes them millions, though, last I heard they were breaking away from spotify for their own streaming service. Something called Hi-Fi or some crap like that. I might be wrong, but I remember the PS3 having a Sony music streaming app, I think it was called Sony Unlimited or something along those lines, who knows what happened to that service though. This was maybe 5-6 years ago

    2. Maybe if I had found Spotify before I started buying a lot of songs on Amazon Music, I might be one of the people using Spotify today. But my music collection has started on Amazon Music and that’s where all of my song collecting is going to be til either the day I die or til Amazon goes under; whichever comes first.

      With that said, this is one of the issues I got with the PS4 as there is no Amazon Music app on the system. While I do have such an app on the smarthub of my TV, the problem is that I can’t use any of the music from Amazon Music for a custom playlist on the PS4. I could use the Amazon Music app on my laptop and just mute music on the PS4 but I’d rather hear the music come from the TV itself, not an external device. (I don’t got surround sound yet. Maybe I should put my quest for a gaming laptop and an Xbox One on hold so I can focus on a surround sound for my TV.)

      1. I suggest holding off on any xbox console until next gen, this one is pretty much done and only a handful of exclusives are left. Quick question though, why not just get spotify? even if you dont pay the premium, you can still use it (albeit with ads.) you dont purchase any any music, and everything is pretty much there too.

          1. I rarely use YouTube now, I do however pay for Hulu (bottom tier) and still get ads though. 😐 If you’re using Hulu and plan on getting spotidy, then my one suggestion is to bundle it. It’s like $14 for both.

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