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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 And Torna Updated Plus Mythra’s New Outfit Available

Monolith Soft, the developers behind the beloved Xenoblade franchise, has announced today on Twitter that both Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna – The Golden Country have been updated to Version 2.0.2 and Version 1.0.2. The update has also added in Mythra’s new outfit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which is due out on Friday. Japanese Nintendo also reports that the Torna – The Golden Country soundtrack will be digitally released on December 14th and is ¥2,000 for the album or ¥200 for each of the 11 tracks.


Thanks to CFG and Nintendo First Order Reaver for the tip!

23 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles 2 And Torna Updated Plus Mythra’s New Outfit Available”

      1. A second of your time if you please, Administrator Sikr.

        Regarding “The update has also added in Mythra’s new outfit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which is due out on Friday. ”; this was only said concerning Mythra’s appearance as a spirit I assume?
        Not as a hint toward her as a future playable character..?

            1. It is only talking about the appearance of the spirit. It doesn’t say anything about her chances of being added to Smash as a fighter

    1. CocoNut-shaved Look'n Motherfucker

      What best part ? Soon she can have a burka on her head and you still would approve it.
      Mister enabler.

      So triggered by some good looking legs. Holy smokes.

      1. If this is not a strawman then I don’t know what is.

        A well designed sweatshirt can look more attractive than a shitty crop top is all, it’s just a preference of design is all.
        I consider myself most not politically incorrect when it comes to how people dress and identity politics, but as a designer I just think this outfit looks nicer due to color balance and nothing else. Also it’s a game, who gives a damn how they dress beyond either liking or disliking it.

  1. CocoNut-shaved Look'n Motherfucker

    Now they can sell the game in sharia law countries.
    Bet the feminist are happy a beautiful virtual girl ain’t competition anymore. LUL

    1. How? Should all women have to dress one way or another? If the devs want to make a virtual character have two ways to dress then what is wrong with that, she ain’t real and this is not going to affect anyone’s life in any meaningful way when we all forget about it in a week or two. I’m against censorship, but this is optional and it have better color coordination anyway, besides skin tight pants and sweaters are hardly burka’s now are they.

  2. I hope this is an OPTIONAL outfit and not a replacement… because that scene where “Rex was staring” and Azurda saying “She’s certainly exposing an awful lot of skin” wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

    1. Well it wouldn’t be the first time something was censored and said censor ruined a joke/scene/etc that comes later in the movie/game/etc, so if this is a replacement, it’s not like the guy that said “Let’s replace this!” cared about ruining something that came later in the game.

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