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Masuda Reiterates Pokemon: Let’s Go Are “Core” Titles And Future Entries Could Work With Pokemon GO

Pokemon director Junichi Masuda has reiterated the company’s stance that the Pokemon: Let’s GO, Pikachu and Eevee! games are what he describes as “core” titles. Mr. Masuda also stated that other Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch could connect to the popular Pokemon GO mobile game.

“These games aren’t spin-offs. These are core Pokemon titles. As for whether we would make other games that could connect to Pokemon GO, that will depend on how the games are received. If we hear a lot of people saying that they enjoyed being able to bring Pokemon to these games from Pokemon GO, then we’ll think about maybe having future titles also be able to connect to it.”


48 thoughts on “Masuda Reiterates Pokemon: Let’s Go Are “Core” Titles And Future Entries Could Work With Pokemon GO”

      1. They’re investing money, time and effort into this game – all of which could have been directed towards the real next gen Pokemon game to make it better or maybe bring it out earlier.
        So I don’t believe it’s too outlandish for people to complain about it. I’m not saying I’m agreeing or disagreeing with either side, just pointing out that it’s not entirely true that this game has no kind of influence on future Pokemon games.

      2. Well someone hasn’t been paying attention. Otherwise, said someone would know people have to play said free game in order to “catch ’em all” since Meltan and Melmetal are only gained by playing Pokemon GO at this moment in time. Or maybe said someone did know but just doesn’t give a shit because they just want to be a good little shill & kiss the company’s ass.

    1. But there’s been a pile of slime with eyes evolving into a bigger pile of slime with eyes since the very beginning… Complaining about the Pokémon designs never made sense to me, they are definitely not where the series’ problems lie.

  1. LG lacks content and polish to justify its $60.00 price tag imo. If others disagree, I’m happy for you. Hopefully the 2019 Pokemon title won’t be like that.

    Also, I don’t get the difference between their definition of a “core” title and “mainstream”
    title now. It’s not really clear what they mean.

      1. lol, I thought it was 40$……60$ is WAY to much. in a world of skyrim, halo, breath of the wild, xenoblade, red dead 2, and dark souls (all 60$) let’s go is laughably over priced.

  2. The reailty is that it’s really for the fans to decide whether the games are “core” or “spin-off”. They’re going the wrong way with this at any rate. As a spin-off game Let’s Go is good fun, a blast to the past, and a breath of fresh air. If we call it a core Pokémon title though, then it’s quite significantly lacking really.

    1. Agreed. Them claiming that this is a core title, even when it diverges so much from actual mainline titles (and they have a proper mainline planned for 2019), doesn’t make sense. Even if they stop making real Pokémon games, and switch focus to this Let’s Go series, it still wouldn’t make it a mainline. It would simply mean that the mainline series is over, and that they’re now only doing spin-offs from here on out. The fanbase has been responsible for so much terminology that we’ve come to take for granted. The numbered generations I’m pretty sure aren’t used officially by Game Freak or Nintendo. The terms “effort values” and “individual values” emerged from fans, too. The fans will decide which games from here on out are mainlines.

      1. Shiny Pokémon was another term that originated from fans and eventually became the official name for shiny Pokémon. The fans are powerful.

        Near the beginning of Sonic Mania’s launch trailer there is an elevator with “1 2 3 K M” written above it, standing for each of Sonic’s home console 2D outings. Where’s CD? Well that always was a bit of a spin-off, though it features heavily within Mania itself. But how about Sonic 4, which absolutely tried to be a part of the mainline 2D Sonic series, (as evidenced by it being called Sonic 4)? It’s pretty simple, fans decided it wasn’t, and in the fullness of time, if fans say it’s not a main series game, it’s not.

  3. Please don’t keep making Go exclusive Pokémon a thing, that’s all I ask. Yes, we have cell phones. No, not everyone plays mobile games, nor does everyone have a reliable plan to play properly.

  4. FUCK NO!!!!!

    I already can’t get Meltan/Melmetal because of Pokemon GO!

    Stop marrying mainline game content with mobile phones!

    1. I know right, it was said SEVERAL times that this is NOT a core game… that it sold a bunch of copies for the holidays all the sudden it is core? your right, it is worrisome….. next years game
      all battles are now automated and just involve you tapping the A button as much as you can.
      rare Pokemon can be bought at DLC, or in loot boxes
      shiny Pokemon are locked behind day one DLC for 25$ but won’t be sold for 5 months after the game comes out
      must play online to do any of the main story.
      NPC characters are only for the deluxe version 80$ (dues not include the 60$ of extra DLC)
      if you preorder the deluxe version 7 months ahead of time, you get to have a starter pokemon

    2. I don’t want to imagine the rage of the people. If Federation Force cause rage even though the Metroid fan base doesn’t have millions of people, the rage of the main RPG Pokemon fans will unleash the hell in the internet! O_O

      1. At least Metroid fans can rest easy knowing that Federation Force was a spinoff now, with every bit of Pokemon related news that comes out, the more I worry about where the series is heading. Let’s GO feels like a very shallow experience, and it feels more like a catching marathon than a journey with your Pokemon friends like it should be. It’s fine if it’s treated like a spinoff, but I in no way want this to become a staple in the “core” series. Seriously, screw Masuda. He used to be very good but ever since gen 6 he’s been making the dumbest decisions with excuses that makes the situation all the more worse. It doesn’t even matter that he might no longer be director now, the damage has been done and it might not ever recover if this article means what I think it means.

  5. Lol, let me reiterate… they aren’t, they are spinoffs and were already confirmed as much. Now they can look back at a few days of selling well all the sudden things change, oh no that they sold well they are “core” pffff no they weren’t. …..that said I’m not going to waste time getting upset over a toned down, family version of yellow being claimed as “core” that’s just dumb, but I will say, what ever is going to be shown at e3 next year….it better bring a lot of new stuff to the table. but also bring back some staples.
    wild battles (even if you can see the Pokémon before the battle)
    I know skyrim may be a jump here, but after breath of the wild…..crafting would be really amazing. (Pokemon food, berry farms, special pokeballs, potions, trainer gear)
    also Z moves and mega forms should not have to conflict with your team set up.
    missions/side quests? again skyrim is a good example of how you can make 100+ unique missions just based on going around fighting and grabbing a rare item someone lost.
    as far as im concerned the series still left off at sun/moon so thats where innovation should start.
    ok at this point I dont think were ever going to get a pokemon snap 2……but why not just build that into the next game? sun/moon had a small mini game in that direction, it also brought cities that feel a lot more lived in, I think expanding into that can form all kinds of new stuff in new games. just seeing pokemon take part of daily life and your character being in that world should just be more fleshed out.

  6. I don’t care what Masuda describes it as. It’s a spin off. He’s just saying core because he’s hoping to trick some people into buying Let’s GO. It’s all about manipulating people still on the fence about these spin-offs to go out and buy said spin off with the promise that it’s a core title.

    And HELL FUCKING NO to the prospect of having Pokemon only attainable if you play Pokemon GO and transfer them from GO to one of the console titles. I don’t give a shit if the Pokemon GO game is free. I don’t give a shit if most people have a smartphone these days, either. If they continue making Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon GO that can only be attained on the console titles by transfer, they might as well stop giving other Mythical Pokemon away for free during events and just sell them as paid DLC.

    1. In fact, I’ll take paid DLC over Pokemon GO bullshit any day. Least with DLC, I don’t have to spend hours on a game I’d rather not play just to get a Pokemon like Meltan and Melmetal.

    2. Forcing GO is really one of the worst things they have ever done. They could’ve released Meltan in the summer for the Let’s GO hype season, but they chose to wait until the start of winter temperatures to start the thing. There’s also places where it’s shit year round to be forced to play a game like this like Wales when it rains all the time.

  7. LG is a missed opportunity to expand on the history of Johto with a gen 1 era Johto postgame. Additionally it’s a missed opportunity to return the series to it’s explorative roots like Breath of the Wild was for Zelda. I don’t miss EV training but candies are an even worse mechanic, and the catching experience feels hollow and brings everything I hated about the Safari Zone into the rest of the game.

    I do like the wild Pokémon spawns over random tile encounters, the customization, Pokémon riding and environments.
    I think if they added the ball throwing mechanic to regular wild battles it could work better as a mechanic to boost the catch rate if you get a good throw in tandem with the old HP depletion system.

    Most of the new features are good, but they’re wasted on a lack of substance to enjoy them with.

    Also, what’s with the second person catch fail messages? It feels very belittling.

    1. Also, I think Pokémon Go connectivity could’ve been implemented better. It feels disadvantageous to not play Go because of the missed Meltan/Melmetal. I think they should’ve just made it so you can transfer Pokémon from Go and stop there.

      I don’t have an android or apple phone so I can’t play Go even if I wanted to.

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