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Game Awards 2018 Leak: Fortnite Getting A Major New Sandbox Mode

The Fortnite fans amongst you will be delighted to hear that a brand new sandbox mode is coming to the popular free-to-play title. The news wasn’t meant to have been shared until The Game Awards 2018 and was revealed by YouTuber Lachlan who forgot the embargo. The new mode revealed in the video is called Creative and is a unique sandbox mode. Eurogamer has all the details so read on below:

“Imagine Fortnite Creative mode like Minecraft Creative mode – it’s a version of the game you can fly around and place elements within, without having to collect all the resources first.

Entire pre-made scenery elements, props and assault courses can be plopped down onto the map. You can also place chests or llamas, and set up your own mini-games using various interactive elements. And you can save your world on a server to revisit later, with friends or alone.

Creative has a small hub island with rift teleports that can take you to your creations, but also highlighted creations from the community. When loaded, your world can be played in various different rulesets (as a Deathmatch map, as a free-roam map, etc.) and can be reset to its saved state afterwards so you don’t have to rebuild it each time.”


9 thoughts on “Game Awards 2018 Leak: Fortnite Getting A Major New Sandbox Mode”

  1. That sounds amazing, if it’s real … and if it isn’t a buggy mess …

    I might need to reinstall the game to try it out, whenevever that mode actually launches.

    … Again, presuming it is not just an elaborate hoax from fans, trying to push what they ‘Want’ Fortnite to do next through fan hype. (like the ‘Grinch’ Smash roster). It sounds too good to be real, honestly.

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  3. What? So.. what was the point of playground mode? It’s a cool idea, but not in this game honestly. Because there’s literally only 3 materials as far as I know!! But the fans are going to say”OMG the best thing ever!!!” nonetheless…

    1. Did you actually read the whole post?

      If this is true, it is a lot more than just limitless wood, stone and steel. By “pre made scenery elements [and] Props”, I assume it means you will also be able to drop things like cars, vending machines, carts, and perhaps entire buildings like watchtowers onto the map. Also Weapon Drops, etc.

      You could build an entire cutom arena of pre made forts and barriers on the island, save it, and load into it for custom multiplayer matches any time you want.

      (If this is real… which it might not be, because it sounds too good).

      The old creative mode gave you limited time, you had to gather resourses manually, and your creations were erased when you finished.

      This would open a whole magnitude of possibilities beyond the passive goofing off the old mode allowed.

      … if it’s not hoax fanboy BS, that is.

  4. I’ll believe it if it is officially announced. It is obvious Fortnite will get more versions of sandbox modes, but this just sounds too feature complete, like what a fan would WANT it to be.

    … that is never what game developers Actually make. Just look at Fallout 76 and No Mans Sky.

    Several more European websites reporting that they know about a video that was taken down (I’m looking at you, Pingback) does not prove that single video wasn’t a really good fake. Producing more and more convincing fakes is becoming a bit of a meme challenge to certain kinds of people. Remember the guy who 3d printed a Fake NX prototype?

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