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Liam Robertson Says Metroid Prime Trilogy Is Nintendo Switch Bound

The ever reliable Liam Robertson has told his followers on Twitter that the Metroid Prime Trilogy is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Yesterday, we published that Swedish retailer Inet had listed the game on their website. However, thanks to our Swedish readers, it turned out it was fun speculation based on a rumour. We should presumably find out for sure during The Game Awards 2018.


  1. Definitely hyped but it was pretty obvious they would have to do this before Prime 4 came. It became even more obvious when Bayonetta was announced.

    I just hope it’s a collection of HD remakes. The series deserves it.

  2. Well that’s interesting. I hope they announce this at the Game Awards else the hype will die out pretty fast.
    Personally I’m a huge Metroid fan, I would love to see this on Switch!

  3. Hope it’s an HD release. Nonetheless, it’d still be a smart choice to release the trilogy before Prime 4. And a welcome choice at that.

  4. This isn’t really good news. It means that MP 4 is still far away and Nintendo wants to fill the gap with a remake of the trilogy. I sure like the idea of a remake, but I don’t like the idea of not playing MP 4 in 2019.

  5. If this IS true, then I’m going to have bought the Metroid Prime series for a fourth time. I just hope that they don’t release a quadrilogy for me to want.

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