UK: Nintendo Switch Has Sold 1.4 Million, Xbox One 5 Million And PlayStation 4 Over 6 Million

We finally have some updated numbers for console sales in the United Kingdom which is the biggest video game market in Europe. It is the PlayStation 4 which is the best-selling system in the UK with sales of 6 million, it is followed by the Xbox One at 5 million and the Nintendo Switch at 1.4 million units. Here’s the details direct from Christopher Dring:


  1. Ufff thats Less for the switch… disappointed for Nintendo.
    Yes UK is a X Box & PS4 Land… but I thought that the would sell with Smash Bros more… maybe half.
    Okay it could change for next year… The sales number is for the hole Year… smash just started with sales.

    1. These are total console sales I believe. It appears to be that the Switch was the best selling console this year in the UK if it passed a million “a while a ago” and the playstation passed it “last weekend”

  2. Edit Mea Culpa
    Oh the 6 Min PS4 and & 5 Mio XBOX is since the launched?
    Oh I thought it would be one year…
    now thats not 2 bad for the switch in 2 Years vs 5 Years PS4.
    But that is not a lot (6 Mil. Console) in 5 years.
    How much people live in the UK… about, at 70 million inhabitants…

  3. The UK is notorious for having a crappy gaming population. They just care about Fifa and shooters, basically.

      1. Obviously, I’m exaggerating, but the UK definitely has a bigger population of Fifa and CoD bros than most other western countries.

  4. UK gamers have some of the worst taste in games. Why does ANYONE like the Xbox? I always call it the Cat Box, because that’s what it is to me. There’s nothing good on Xbox One that isn’t also on PS4. The PS4 is the console to own for all of the good exclusives. And not for crap like FIFA. Ugh!

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