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Sakurai: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Has Transcended Its “Nintendo All-Stars” Moniker

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available now on the Nintendo Switch and it has proved to be extremely popular with both consumers and critics. Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has written about the game in the latest edition of Famitsu and he believes that the latest game in the series has transcended the “Nintendo All-Stars” moniker the series has previously received. Here is a condensed version of what was written in the Japanese publication courtesy of Siliconera

  • The project plan for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was created right after Corrin and Bayonetta were released for the Super Smash Bros. for set of games. Originally, the plan included for things to differ between docked and handheld modes, but the Switch’s screen was better than he thought, so there was no reason to differ depending on playstyle.
  • A team was formed to choose and pick Spirits for the game, and research them thoroughly. The Spirits mode as a whole is essential to letting the team collaborate with other franchises.
  • The Inklings’ Ink mechanic proved a bother considering how much had to considered regarding how it interacted with the stages and other fighters. Meanwhile, Simon and Richter are designed visually to be as close to their original games as possible.
  • Incineroar was the only one not decided upon when the project started. Instead, a space was left for a Gen 7 Pokemon from Pokemon Sun & Moon. As for surprise challenger Piranha Plant, Sakurai confirms that this is the unexpected character of this title, because just having heroes and villains are boring. Piranha Plant follows the same vein as Ice Climbers, R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, and Duck Hunt in previous games.
  • World of Light was directly inspired by the Subspace Emissary’s Subspace Maze, and how you had to re-collect every character. It would leave more of an impact if the mode started with a great disaster like Tabuu’s Off Waves, thought Sakurai.
  • Elite Smash is there to let the super elite players play against each other, although how it scales may be changed later on. This way, there will be less veteran vs newcomer matches.
  • Sakurai once again stresses that there is no right way to play Smash. He’s come to terms with the eSports playstyle, but a lot of work has been put into the casual side as well.
  • Regarding the series’ “Nintendo All-Stars” moniker: Sakurai believes that the series has evolved beyond that. In his definition, Sakurai believes the series is defined by its gameplay, and that it being just another 1v1 fighting game would make it no longer Smash.
  • Sakurai will always prioritize Smash Bros. if Nintendo asks about making one, but he doesn’t guarantee that he’ll be on the project forever. Currently, he’s ready to kick back and wait another 10 years before another one.
  • Finally, Sakurai gave thanks to the staff and third parties who allowed use of their characters. He’s unsure of how to top Smash Ultimate, and says that ‘Everyone is here!’ is something of a miracle.



    1. at least its better than a literally the same game every year like CoD or literally the same phone like iPhone

  1. I’m perfectly happy with what we have now. I don’t have the game yet. But I think we’re content with what we’ve got. Sakurai looks very thin when he made this game, so I can wait for a long time till the next game.

  2. To be honest, what new can be done with the same formula now of “Video game all stars fight!” Other than graphical changes, cluttery new fighters, and more stages… Ehhh. It should be legit done for the franchise. They could easily just port Ultimate to new platform as and collect cash. Ppl will always want it. Sakurai can take a much needed vacation or finally work on something else.

  3. I hope Sakurai decides to take a break and then work on a new IP. Smash is fun and all but I’d like to see some truly original content come out of his head.

  4. Sakurai’s mind: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Has Transcended Its “Nintendo All-Stars” Moniker

    Our mind: Super Smash Bros Has Forgone Its “Nintendo All-Stars” Moniker

    That was the point of the freakin’ franchise!!! Not to mention a middle finger to all past and future characters who haven’t been added yet.

    So help me if I start finding non-video game characters like Goku, Shrek, Batman, Cory in the House, Spongebob, Finn & Jake, etc.

    1. I think what it means was, Smash Bros was a celebration of Nintendo as a whole, and he means now that Smash Bros is a celebration of video games now. Of course it’s not all video games, but it really has expanded into a big love letter to all different kinds of games from all over. Like having Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man and MegaMan all in one game was a big surprise to a lot of people and is the only place to still see anything like that (not including Mugen) And for your last thing, Sakurai has mentioned more than once that characters who have nothing to do with videogames (at least at their origins) won’t be in Smash.

  5. I always got the feeling that Smash was becoming more of a celebration of gaming than just an Nintendo All Stars since Sm4sh. The only way for them to completely jump the gun is if they decide to add in characters like Goku or Mickey Mouse, because at that point the series will lose its focus.

      1. I mean the story mode has some plot holes, and some of the spirits can be way too or straight up dumb, I found the Pauline spirt harder than the actual fight with galeem and dharkon and even fighting both of them together, the music also gets annoying and there’s barely changes for real during boss fight music, the game really doesn’t offer instructions when you got to certain game Universe (Kirby world was pretty confusing), the storymode just kinda drags on if you ask me other than hat I love everything else

    1. The mode was fun & the story’s premise was awesome. Sadly, the story is just that: a premise. I hardly call a few cutscenes with very little exposition a full fledged story. They really should have held Smash Ultimate back another year to add more meat to the story of World of Light. It’s just an annoying continuation of his horrible excuse from the Wii U/3DS era of Smash and why it didn’t have a story.

  6. I do think that we will see the next entry right on the next generation hardware. I don’t think Nintendo will miss this golden egg. By its sales, both software and hardware related, it’s clear that it’s likely the most important IP after Pokemon, they just need to finalize Switch 2 specs to begin next entry in the serie software development. I would expect it as a player too.

  7. It’s still a Nintendo All-Stars game to me. Why? Because all the characters that are playable in the game have been in a game on a Nintendo system. Some have been in only about 3 or less games on Nintendo systems but they were still games these characters were in. As much as it’d perturb me if Goku got into Smash, he’d still count to me as a Nintendo All-Star as there have been a lot of Dragon Ball games on Nintendo systems over the years.

    1. “Originally, the plan included for things to differ between docked and handheld modes, but the Switch’s screen was better than he thought, so there was no reason to differ depending on playstyle.”
    A. I’m so glad this didn’t come to pass.

    2. “Incineroar was the only one not decided upon when the project started. Instead, a space was left for a Gen 7 Pokemon from Pokemon Sun & Moon.”
    B. I’d much rather have gotten Decidueye. We got enough fire type Pokemon in Smash.

    3. Please stop. No more Sakurai. Let someone else take over Smash now. Sakurai needs to take a long vacation and, when he comes back, needs to make a new franchise. It’s a bit disappointing that the guy only has 2 original franchises to his name: Kirby and Smash.

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