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New Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Trailer

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be landing on the Nintendo Switch both physically and digitally next month and promises to be a unique experience. A new trailer was released today which showcases Life is Destroy who is one of the combatants that Travis will need to fight. Watch the action unfold below.

10 thoughts on “New Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Trailer”

  1. I know it’s supposed to be an artsy, unusual art style, but I think this looks very ugly.

    Suda51 recently said something about making NMH3 if this does well. I don’t think that’s fair, because this seems to have very little in common with NMH from a gameplay perspective. It’s very possible that someone who likes NMH would have no interest in this. It’s like if Nintendo put out Zelda: Triforce Heroes and then said, “If this does well, maybe we’ll put a new, mainline, single-player Zelda on 3DS”.

    1. i have the same thoughts…
      but i think also that suda dont wanna make NMH3… thats why he said that.
      even tome cruise have no chance to success😂

    2. Absolutely right, its very shady what he said about NMH3. Honestly it takes my respect for his work down a notch, I loved the NMH games, and Killer 7 remains one of my favorite games of all time, but this doesn’t appeal to me at all. This feels like something you would find in a quarter Arcade.

  2. Man I really want to like this game especially if No More Hero’s 3 is on the line but I just can’t seem to find the appeal… hopefully there’s a demo that’ll convince me other wise cuz I really want NMH3. I was excited before but all the gameplay looks the same in every video so I worry it’s a repetitive mess.

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  4. I want No More Heroes just as much as the next guy, but I think a lot of people aren’t looking at this the right way. You have to think about it.

    Suda51 wants NMH3 to be the best it can be. And I don’t think that’s possible at the moment or he would have already done it.

    This is something more of a side-step. And, if it does well, he is likely going to use ideas from this game and incorporate them into the next. He isn’t holding NMH3 hostage and saying you should buy this or he won’t make it. He’s simply being honest and hoping that this does well.

    And, while I can understand this game does not appeal to some people, we aren’t at the point where he can make the next numbered game into what he wants it to be yet.

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