Rumour: Atlus Could Be Gearing Up For Possible ‘Persona 5 R’

Persona 5 is one of those titles that many have presumed could eventually come to the Nintendo Switch. With the announcement that Joker from the series will be one of the characters in the Fighter Pass for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, talk of a version of Persona 5 for the Nintendo Switch increased. Persona 5 Central has been saying for quite some time that Atlus is set to release Persona 5 R which will presumably be a revamped version of the game. The P5R domain name was updated on Christmas day by Atlus, leading to suggestions that an announcement is imminent. Persona 5 was available for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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    1. I got given persona 5 but at the time, got distracted with other games I’d just gotten as well and sadly forgot about it. But if Atlus is just going to release a special edition, then I’ll probably wait and play that one instead.

  1. I’m still taking this with a massive grain of salt. I doubt Joker’s inclusion in Smash means anything when it comes to P5. I mean, technically they could have done this already. But, as far as I know, they just prefer PlayStation for these games.

    That’s not to say I’d be against it if it actually did happen though.

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