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Japan: Clannad Coming To Nintendo Switch Spring 2019

The latest edition of Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu has revealed that romance visual novel Clannad is making its way to the Nintendo Switch platform. This specific version will fully support functionality such as the Nintendo Switch’s touch screen and Joy-Cons and is scheduled for release in the spring.

Okazaki Tomoya is a third year high school student at Hikarizaka Private High School, leading a life full of resentment. His mother passed away in a car accident when he was young, leading his father, Naoyuki, to resort to alcohol and gambling to cope. This resulted in constant fights between the two until Naoyuki dislocated Tomoya’s shoulder. Unable to play on his basketball team, Tomoya began to distance himself from other people. Ever since he has had a distant relationship with his father, naturally becoming a delinquent over time.While on a walk to school, Tomoya meets a strange girl named Furukawa Nagisa, questioning if she likes the school at all. He finds himself helping her, and as time goes by, Tomoya finds his life heading towards a new direction.

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4 thoughts on “Japan: Clannad Coming To Nintendo Switch Spring 2019”

  1. I just really hope it has english text option, omg i am so hype for this!

    It would be fantastic if a physical copy was released if this game but we all know that is highly unlikely to ever happen…

    1. It’s a visual novel so I think it’s safe to assume it’ll have it since English is a secondary language in Japan, if I’m not mistaken, thanks to tourism & the US military stationed there. Japan has a very strong US presence in the country.

    2. The PS4 port had both English and Japanese text, and it got a physical release in Japan followed by a digital-only release in the west earlier this year.

      Assuming the Switch port builds on the PS4 port, it’ll likely come with the English text option, and even if it doesn’t officially get released officially in the west, you’d probably still be able to purchase the game using a Japanese region eShop account or import a Japanese physical copy if it gets a physical release.

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