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Joker From Persona 5 Has Been Confirmed To Be In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s First Challenger Pack

Yes, Nintendo had a reveal of their own to share at this year’s Game Awards. And it is a massive bombshell. Nintendo announced the first DLC character that will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It will be none other than Joker from Persona 5. Joker will be part of Challenger Pack 1. Nintendo of America tweeted the news, so you can see their tweet down below.


  1. He’s always been one of my favorite picks, but I didn’t think they’d ever consider him.

    Guess “Cloud logic” is a thing. :D

    1. Wasn’t Joker rumored all the way back when they teased about Smash Ultimate? Kinda surprised that nobody else remembered this, but we did give up hope for him since there was little chance and it did sound farfetched…

  2. Ok but where’s metroid?

    Looks like people like gamexplain and others were merely stringing us all along so that they could present us with NOTHING! RIP metroid for now =(

    Hopefully I’m wrong and they show something right at the end…but it doesn’t look like it -_-

      1. No it isn’t. Its owned by Atlus, who have released and published every game in the series. Its just that they have, thus far, released most of the Persona games on Playstation exclusively, but Sony doesn’t own the franchise.

      1. Actually, troll… Nintendo just did surpassed our expectations. 1) MARVEL Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order published by Nintendo and developed by Team NINJA exclusively for the Switch… and now, Joker from a Sony exclusive JRPG Persona 5 as the first DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Switch.

        2019 will be the best year for Nintendo. Year three will ultimately be the very best!

      2. Joker isnโ€™t even close to the top of the requested characters so they didnโ€™t exceed any expectations on smash dlc. Iโ€™ve been following smash polls hardcore and heโ€™s never even been at the bottom of the polls let alone on them at all.

  3. Strange pick, I never played persona 5 but I have heard nothing but good things about it. I’m interested in gameplay of this character, but hey I’m probably buying the fighters pass anyway.

  4. This was definitely a cool surprise don’t get me wrong, but if this was the only thing ninty had to show then talk about disappointing. Not knocking smash of course….but jeez not everyone is a smash head.

    1. There’s the Marvel game too that they’re making with Koei Tecmo. So no Smash isn’t the only thing.

  5. Be cool if they ported the game also. Oh well. i liked Persona 3 so this is cool. Not something I’m SUPER hype for as I’m not a HUGE fan but like it well enough. It’s still a super welcome addition and a big franchise worthy of the inclusion. I wonder if this means most of the DLC will be these big cross overs with other 3rd parties?

  6. I was surprised to see him show up at all. I was super happy. I was expecting something related to P5 and he took out the invitation and I screamed internally. This man stole my heart again.

    1. Nintendo stated that they might have announced it too early so i expected the announcement in the next games award and i think bayonetta might have a trailer for e3 and why are you hating on persona/smash

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    2. Super Smash brothers has become a celebration of video games as a whole. To be upset because it’s not strictly nintendo characters now is extremely closed minded especially when the new characters bring such variety to the franchise. Thankfully Nintendo does not share this same toxic mindset.

      1. I hope at least Atlus ports Persona 5. 3rd party is 1 thing, but it’s a bad business decision to have a character who’s main game is on a different company’s system.

        Nintendo to their fans who were introduced to Joker through Smash, “You like this character?? Go buy a PS3 or 4 in order to play the game he’s from!”

        1. I agree with that point. He’s in persona q for 3ds but yea persona 5 on switch would be cool but idk if that would happen since no persona games have been on nintendo.

          1. I do really hope P5 is on the Switch. Joker was announced with Smash x P5 instead of PQ2. Persona 4 was put on the Vita which is now dead, so I can hope P5 gets the same treatment with the Switch haha.

    1. You’re going to have to play as this character eventually.

      We live in an age where “Everybody is here”, including DLC characters from the last game, who some people did not buy back then.

        1. What about the next Smash game, when the character is part of the default roster (or unlockable)?

        1. What do you not get?

          Whoever didn’t pay for certain DLC characters, while get them in the next game with no extra price.

          Unless you have no intention of even touching that character (outside of unlock requirements), like I had to unlock Dr. Mario in SSBM to unlock Mr. Game & Watch.

      1. Sorry that smash lacks content worth owning. Story mode is non-existent,most of the new and returning characters are clones, and a massive amount of cut content, doesn’t matter how many characters are in, it will just be as bland as smash Wii u after a few matches.

            1. That’s a weak reason for not having a story/ Deep story. Could you imagine if the movie industry shut down every time someone mentioned a spoiler?

            2. Well there is a difference between being impatient for content and having a problem with the lack of certain content. Sure, getting upset this game hasn’t come out yet or that new content for a game hasn’t come out yet is asinine and being impatient, but having a problem with the lack of a story isn’t a bad thing.

            3. If EA is gonna get shit for lacking variety to the alternate endings of Mass Effect 3, then Nintendo shouldn’t get a pass because they did essentially the same thing with Smash. If Sakurai wasn’t gonna add story to future entries of Smash, he shouldn’t have added a story to Brawl to begin with. He set a precedent with that move so it’s his fault that people are upset at the lack of a story for Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate (if it, too, lacks story because I haven’t played World of Light yet but I don’t have high hopes considering past mistakes with Smash 4.)

    1. It’s anything but bland. I put over 500 hours into Sm4sh. Ultimate feels completely different. Plus World of Light is a lot of fun. I’m guessing you haven’t played the game.

      1. Yes, I have played world of light and it feels like randomized battles. The game still lacks content much like smash Wii u did.

      2. I will say the lacking content can easily be fixed though updates. Break the targets, smash run, stadium, events, stage builder, etc. But as of now it’s lacking, and doesn’t matter who they add, it will get boring if smash is the only game mode.

      3. Bland probably isn’t the best word to use to describe Smash. Lacking sounds much more appropriate.

        Yeah, yeah. 70+ characters! Yay! Still doesn’t change the fact there are other things missing that past games had. To name ones O H didn’t, Board the Platforms, Home Run Sandbag, Smash Tour (I honestly enjoyed it even if Smash Run was superior.) Smash Ultimate isn’t truly ultimate til they bring back things that were left out that were in previous entries. Thankfully, there are such things as updates. SSB Ultimate needs to be given the Splatoon treatment where it gets new content added to the game for free over the next year or so. To me, it’s pretty clear they spent so much time in adding everyone that was in previous entires that they forgot to bring back other things besides just all of the characters and feels kind of rushed so they could get it on Switch before the 2nd year of it being out in the market was over.

        Speaking of updates, I’d love an update to Smash Ultimate that adds a little trivia to each Spirit in Collection ala trophies from past entries.

        1. Let’s hope they do update it, if so it will definitely be worth the purchase. But knowing Nintendo it may or may not happen.

          1. Fingers crossed they are actually listening to the criticism for Smash Ultimate and aren’t ignoring it because of all the praise and success it’s no doubt getting from people. I’ll praise Smash Ultimate for adding in every playable character from past games but I won’t stop criticizing them for the things it lacks. I did the praise and criticizing with Breath of the Wild, too, so I won’t stop now. I’ll probably have some criticisms for Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Fire Emblem Warriors, too, when I ever get around to playing them beyond the first 2 or 3 levels/world/stages/areas.

    1. Toxic because people are disappointed over a game, makes perfect sense. You’re not allowed to dislike anything.

  7. Itโ€™s great all these characters for smash.
    Iโ€™m not particularly familiar with this latest one or that Samus character.
    Who is Samus anyway. Is this a character that we havenโ€™t heard of in like FOREVER!!

  8. As much as I like Smash Ultimite, I have to agree with what other people have said. We are over saturated with Smash at this point and I am tired of just Smash here and Smash there.

  9. What a joke, Persona 5 is great, but it doesnt deserve to be a part of Smash in any shape or form. Why not one of the Etrian kids, SMT kids, or even any of the Devil Summoner kids. Shit, Radiant Historia just got a remake, why not put Stocke?? This makes itseem like Nintendo is taking pays to put characters that are irrelevant to a legacy game like Smash. What a shame.

    1. This^
      I think the game is getting over saturated with 3rd parties, but at least make the 3rd party characters have their original games on a Nintendo console.

      1. They don’t even need to have their origins on a Nintendo system, honestly. All they need is to have left a huge mark in the history of the video game industry and have at least a few games on Nintendo systems that they are usable in. So with that said, Crash & Spyro are more deserving of a spot than Joker is. I mean, what mark has Joker left exactly? It’s not like he’s been relevant for over a decade like Spyro and Crash.

        1. Original game was a bad phrase to use. Either that or main game is what I mean. Metal Gear Solid was remade for the Gamecube, and that’s good enough for me with Snake. It’s not the original MGS, but it’s still one of the main line ones.

        2. “All they need is to have left a huge mark in the history of the video game industry and have at least a few games on Nintendo systems that they are usable in.”

          Piranha Plant: Okay.

    2. How so? Persona 5 was a huge hit, it was praised by almost everyone who played it. It’s particularly big in Japan. Plenty relevant. Perhaps this could lead to P5 on Switch. Your argument could be made for Snake or Cloud as well. Just because the character doesn’t have a big history with Nintendo doesn’t mean squat.

      1. Irrelevant to the console, as in Persona 5 is not on a Nintendo console, and has nothing to do with it. Actually, it’s lack of history is exactly everything. Smash’s roster has been tooted as the “celebration of Nintendo” so only characters who have a history with Nintendo had been added. At least that’s been the excuse for not adding highly requested characters.

        My argument has been made towards both Cloud and Snake. They both don’t deserve to be in a “celebration of Nintendo” game. But this further proves my point that ANYONE can be added, and yes even though I dont want him in it, Goku should at least be considered now. If Persona’s 5 joker is in it, then anyone can be in it.

          1. I’d argue it’s a celebration of gaming history on Nintendo consoles. As long as a game they were playable in was on a Nintendo system & that they originated from a video game, I don’t care who gets in. Least Snake and Cloud have been playable/usable in a game that’s been on a Nintendo system. Snake and Cloud have earned their right to be in Smash. Both are in a few games that have been on Nintendo systems so that gives them some kind of history with the company. In Cloud’s case, I’d argue he’s equal to Sonic in that both characters were once mascots for companies that rivaled Nintendo. While Sony Interactive doesn’t own Cloud, for a long time, he was considered a PlayStation mascot by some ever since Final Fantasy VII first hit the original PlayStation. And if Persona 5 coming to Switch is true, Joker has now earned his place as I’m sure it’ll be the first Persona game to ever hit a Nintendo home console as every other Persona game that hit Nintendo systems were on their handhelds. With that in mind, P5 on Switch is a historical moment if you ask me so Joker will have earned his spot as far as I’m concerned.

  10. As you can see in this video, Nintendo disabled the comments on his YouTube video, meaning that a lot of people were angry with the lack of Nintendo games.
    Truly this was the worst timing to announce this DLC character.

  11. Gotta love how people get their panties in a bunch and make up fake rules for who should be added to Smash whenever a character they don’t want is added.

    Can’t stand the Smash community. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Personally I’m excited. Good to see this announcement after not caring much for any of the characters in the final direct. Never thought Joker would make it in.

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