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DLC For Mii Fighter Costumes Will Be Coming To Smash Ultimate In 2019 For $0.75 USD

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate won’t be getting DLC for just characters.  If you’re wanting some more costumes for your Mii Fighter, then you should get ready. Nintendo has announced that there will be DLC for Mii Fighter costumes that will be releasing in 2019. Each DLC will contain one Mii Fighter costume. As for the price, each DLC will cost $0.75 USD.

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52 thoughts on “DLC For Mii Fighter Costumes Will Be Coming To Smash Ultimate In 2019 For $0.75 USD”

  1. I’d be surprised if they didn’t do this. They sold a lot in 4, so it makes sense that they’d do it all again for Ultimate

      1. I think the only game I genuinely want an amiibo for the content is Splatoon 2 since those costumes are pretty slick. Other than that, It doesn’t bother me too much. I’d want them more for collecting. I sometimes forget that they’re even a thing since Nintendo doesn’t exactly do much with them.

      1. Even if they did, I doubt I’d want to buy them all. Like amiibo, I’d probably only end up buying the ones I really, really want. Provided they don’t force them all into a bundle, that is, and force me to buy a bunch of costumes I don’t want just for that one costume in the bundle I do want. If that ends up being the case, I won’t be buying shit!

    1. At least you use said amiibos in other games and use it multiple times thus making it less of a money waster and more of an investment. That being said yes its kinda annoying to grind the costumes form specific amiibos in games like Breath of the Wild its not a one done deal meaning you can get more than one costume plus other goodies depending on if RNGsus is kind or not. Also I may have mentioned that you can use the same amiibo in other amiibo compatible games and not just literally once. Also I have to mention that amiibos aren’t a waste of money since I just explained why they are not. Also I need to mention that I need to stop saying I need to mention and that at least amiibos give you rewards everyday unlike microtransactions which are one and done deals. Btw, I’m not defending Nintendo for creating artificial shortages of amiibos.

    2. Nintendo also did online right!! Locking $60+ online heavy games behind paywall. 20$ for service that was even below the wiiu,and old nes games!!! Nintendo is just so spot on with everything they do

      1. +Overlord Infinite Ridley
        To be honest, my comment was more troll-bait to get a rise out of people but if you want me to be serious I can be.
        I do understand where people are coming from but here’s the problem; No matter what Nintendo does in this situation there’s always going to be people that will complain.
        Let’s say Nintendo does what you want and makes the content be unlockable; People would complain the amiibos have no value and they would basically just become another range of toys. People often don’t realize that Nintendo has been a toy company for years but they didn’t sell well because nobody cared about them. However, the minute Nintendo made these amiibo work in their games things changed and they started selling like hotcakes.
        You see? Nintendo can’t do anything here and not have people complain, they do what you want and people will complain amiibos have no value but they do what they are doing and people, like yourself, will complain.
        What’s more is to me it’s pointless complaining, anything amiibos do is optional and most of the time is cosmetic. I could understand if it were an online game and having amiibos gave you a massive advantage but it doesn’t. And before you bring up Zelda Breath of the Wild, most of the gear there isn’t that good and is only there for nostalgia. I’ve played the hell out of that game and all of the amiibo costumes are either outclassed or on par with what you already get in the game so even there there’s no reason to moan.
        I’m not saying you have to like amiibos or you have to support this, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but Nintendo is a business before anything, they do not have to bend over and listen to us, the only time they do is when it’s really cutting into their profits and considering this “Amiibo Locked Content” is still going, obviously protest against it is in the minority.

        1. Sorry, if it was meant to be a joke. I’m just so annoyed with the ass kissing going on these days for companies doing shitty things & then the companies themselves shitting on their fans that are upset. Too many companies these days don’t want to admit they fucked up & either pretend the fuck up never happened or they actually attack the very people upset and then CONTINUE to do the very thing that pisses them off even when it’s more than just a minority that’s upset.

          And if the majority are pissed off, these companies DO have to bend over & listen to us. A business means shit if you aren’t actually getting business from the fans and/or customers that you should be pleasing so the entire “it’s a business” crap is a copout as the entire point of a business is to make money & they cant make money if they are chasing away potential and/or current customers. Sure they can’t please everyone but when the vast majority are against them, they have to realize something they are doing HAS to change. Star Trek Discovery needs to die, Star Wars 8 needs to be retconned, Alien & Predator is in massive need of some retcons too, EA needs to knock off the bullshit & burying good companies after only 1 or 2 failures when they’ve had more successes than failures, Konami needs to get their head out of their ass & stop getting in their own way, Nintendo needs to quit locking content behind amiibo & using a shitty phone app that most people DON’T want to fucking use and improve their current online because it’s still shit, Sony Interactive needs to stop whatever bullshit they’ve been doing over the past year, Sony Pictures needs to quit sucking so bad & just sell Spider-Man back to Marvel instead of holding it hostage out of spite because Amy Pascal is a greedy bitch that doesn’t care about Spider-Man & wants to thrust her SJW bullshit down people’s throats as she let that shitty Ghostbusters reboot go into production & let that prick Feig & others involved with the Ghostbusters reboot insult the fans upset by the movie by mislabeling them misogynists (I bet it was her fucking idea to cast a rainbow of different actors for characters that were all supposed to be white in Spider-Man Homecoming (or maybe I’m wrong if Captain Marvel is the start of Kevin Feige foolishly shoving the SJW crap into the MCU but hopefully it’s just Brie Larson being a bitch & not anything Feige & Marvel Studios is doing (and hopefully told the moron to shut her fucking mouth before she really pisses off the fans of the MCU), etc. I hope there is a reckoning coming because companies are becoming way too damn big for their own damn good that they honestly believe they can get away with this shit.

        2. So all in all, you might think a company is still doing bullshit because it’s a minority upset but you’d actually be wrong in a lot of cases these days. Some of the higher ups just don’t give a shit as they have an agenda to carry out and, hell or high water, they will carry it out even if it’s to the detriment of the very company they are working for.

      2. You are correct, if the MAJORITY are pissed off about what a company is doing then obviously something has to change. I actually said in my reply that the only time companies do something is when it’s having a big effect on their profits.
        However, amiibos are so minor in the grand scheme of things that there’s no way Nintendo would lose an enormous amount of profit over something so small.
        Those example you gave are very true but I would hardly compare those big issues to amiibos. And for the Nintendo Switch App, yeah it is stupid but again, I would hardly compare that to the issues you brought up.
        So actually no, the “Business” side is not really a cop-out because you didn’t interpret it the way I presented it. I said clearly “the only time they do is when it’s really cutting into their profits” but I guess you didn’t see that part.

    1. It probably has to do with licensing costs for some of those costumes from the 3rd-party owners (like the Lloyd Irving costume, or the Geno costume), so blame THEM, not Sakurai and his team. If anything, actually THANK them for getting the cost for the costumes lower than they were in Smash 4.

      You try making a AAA title on a set time table, limited budget, and licensing agreements to make…THEN come back and say that DLC is BS. Yeah, on most other games, I would agree with you; but not this time, buddy.

      1. Well, if they can’t make profit from 5+ mill games they’ve done something wrong. They also got income from Amiibo and Fighter Pass, and pushing online subscription right from the main menu. I don’t think you have to feel THAT sorry for them, Darklinger. This is about maximising profit; not brake even.

    2. Nintendo First Order Recruiter Zscout1288

      Its because of the low price point. Most people don’t mind paying for extra content as long as it’s priced reasonably. For a lot of people .75c is reasonable. Compare that to the $20 santa custome that fallout 76 tried to sell.

  2. Honestly I keep forgetting the Mii costumes are a thing, what with them being in Classic mode and ever being able to play as them if you choose to go random. Sure, the Mii costumes look neat, but it feels like a very cheap “compromise” with the bubbly body and the complete lack of a special moveset, so I find myself never playing as them. Pass.

  3. I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t unlocked them all yet, but it feels like there are less Mii costumes in this than there were by the time they were done with SSBfWU&3DS. I’ll be glad to see some new costumes- hopefully they aren’t all based on characters and we get some original-if-not-generic getups (like a 1920s gangster or zombie apocalypse survivor costume for Mii Gunner or a hostile alien for Mii Brawler).

  4. Content locked behind a piece of plastic is ok because its Nintendo
    Greedy mobile games are ok, because its Nintendo
    Paying 20$ to play online is ok because its Nintendo
    Microtransactions are ok because its Nintendo

    Dont question it, Nintendo is basically bankrupt, they have to make money somehow, and other companies are worse!

  5. Oh well, I guess I’m going to be nickled and dimed into bankruptcy.

    Here’s hoping for a Shantae costume, a Mega Man Zero (GBA) costume, a Shantae costume, An 8-bit costume and a Shantae costume.

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