Nintendo Switch

Rumour: EA’s Frostbite Engine Apparently Now Supports Nintendo Switch

EA is a huge video game publisher and developer, but their Nintendo Switch support thus far hasn’t quite been what owners of the popular console expected. We’ve had only a handful of EA games and those are two version of the best-selling annual football franchise FIFA and platformer Fe.

YouTuber Doctre81 is reporting that he’s discovered on LinkedIn that EA has been busy working on getting the impressive Frostbite engine up and running on the Nintendo Switch. This is just a rumour at the moment, so don’t get your hopes up, but it sounds promising if true.


  1. It’ll be a nice leap for FIFA 20 (?) to hop onto Frostbite.
    Particularily in terms of animation and the story mode, the former having been sort of hastily approximated for the current two games. Noticeably so.

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  2. In all seriousness here. Can anyone point me to a vid that gives a breakdown of the switches power ? I’m genuinely shocked how good looking the games are. Honeslty, Ultimate Smash is stunning


  3. If EA ever brings FIFA 20 powered by Frostbite to the Switch (and hopefully MADDEN NFL 20), I would probably buy it. For now, I’ll take this rumor with a truckload of salt.

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  4. Can’t even remember when I bought my last EA game. Must be Sim City 4 way over 10 years ago. But even that was a piece of trash because it was full of bugs and you HAD TO buy the expansion to get a playable version of the game that had most bugs and glitches (and design flaws) fixed. Of course I pirated the expansion, I’m not stupid.


    1. While True….
      Imagine this turn around….

      You: EA sucks ballz
      EA: TitanFall 1 and 2 are coming to Switch
      You: F$%king Hell…. EA is Bae!

      But we all know this will probably never happen… So…. You are right.


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