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Microsoft And Playful Corp’s Super Lucky’s Tale Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

You may have seen that the developers behind Super Lucky’s Tale are planning a super surprising announcement. Plenty of speculation has taken place regarding what it could actually be. Well, it turns out it could be a Nintendo Switch port of the game, which would be a good home for the colourful 3D and 2D platformer. The rumour is from two LinkedIn profiles which say that the team has been developing the port for the Switch.

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    1. Don’t count on it yet. This would definitely be a test. It’s part conker, part banjo, part Mario. If it dues come to switch then its a matter of reception and sales.
      That said Microsoft is buying studios left and right (12 now), and as is they already own some 80+ ip.
      They are definitely going to be putting game development on top priority. It’s similar to nintendos strategy for cell phones. Mobile games bring people to switch. Microsoft wants games on switch to bring them to Xbox.
      Good news though. Microsoft takes PC/TV while Nintendo dues mobile. #synergy

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