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Downwell Creator Leaves Nintendo To Go Indie Again

Ojiro Fumoto received the chance of a lifetime and was the envy of independent developers after being given the opportunity to work at Nintendo after his hit smartphone game Downwell took off. However, he has announced on Twitter that he has left the Kyoto-based company to focus on indie games again. Fumoto says that he will be busy this year working on a new project which he hopes will inspire fans.

I was working at Nintendo for most of 2018 but I quit at the end of the year to pursue being an indie dev again. Working there was an incredible experience but ultimately I found my passion to simply be making a thing I want to make. So yeah, I’ll get working on that this year!


9 thoughts on “Downwell Creator Leaves Nintendo To Go Indie Again”

    1. Maybe they did let him have personal time to work on his own projects but he didn’t enjoy working on the games he was tasked to and that’s why he decided to leave and continue being an indie dev.

  1. As an independent developer, I fully understand where he’s coming from. Games are much more than a career, many developers prefer to spend that career making the games that they want to make.

    1. }{ You are currently guilty of the slippery slope logical fallacy… Just because one designer is particularly notable does not mean that all of them are… The developer of Downwell gained notoriety because he made a fantastic game inspired by a quote from Miyamoto, and then proceeded to get a job at the company which inspired him to make his gem. From this it follows that people might be interested in his choice to not continue to work for the people that inspired him and instead return to the indie scene… }{

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