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US: Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You Is Now Streaming On Netflix

In 2017, Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You was released. The movie was released to celebrate Pokemon‘s 20th anniversary, and “acts as sort of a soft-reboot of the anime franchise with a loose retelling of Ash’s adventures through the Kanto region”. Now, over a year later, you can now stream the movie on Netflix in the United States. As of this article’s writing, the movie can be streamed in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. The original Japanese version is not included.



    1. It’s an okay movie. Unfortunately if you like to see the monster of the movie, it’s not for you as the movie never shows the monster itself. Whatever it is, it’s a shapeshifter of some kind that can’t actually physically harm you. If you look at it, it makes you kill yourself. It’s similar to A Quiet Place. If you watch it, you’ll understand why the movie is called Bird Box.

      1. I LOVED A Quiet Place. Bitch and a half to work when we had it at the theater I serve at (when it’s always so quiet, *everyone* can hear you when you ask your tables if everything is okay or if they ask you for a refill/another popcorn/etc.), but I really enjoyed it. Bought it the day it hit home media.

        1. Well it’s similar to that. Of course, it takes place in 2 different time “periods”: during the initial event & the post-apocalyptic aftermath. The initial event is flashback while the aftermath is the present. In the book the film was based on, it took place in 3 different time “periods.” There’s a lot of differences between the book & film but the film is still good. I hope you don’t mind Sandra Bullock & John Malkovich if you watch it.

  1. If ya gonna reboot a series like Pokemon, go all in & create a new protag, too. It’s called Pokemon, after all, not fucking Ash Ketchum’s Pokemon Adventures! Use Red for the anime! Or Blue. Or Green.

    Ya know what! Fuck this Pokemon series! Give me Pokemon Adventures/Pokemon Special as a fucking anime!! Give us older fans something that’s not as family friendly. It doesn’t have to be balls to the wall dark, gritty, etc but it needs to quit being so… kiddy!

      1. As much as I’d love to watch them, it’d just make me sad knowing it’s just a mini-series & won’t get a full fledged series. It’s bad enough I saw those 3-5 minute shorts from a few years back.

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