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Video: Just How Different is Peachette In New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe?

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch this month and should provide to be entertaining for newcomers and those who played New Super Mario Bros U on the Wii U. GameXplain has been playing the game through the Christmas period and have throughly tested Toadette’s special Peachette power-up. Look out for our review of the game soon.

12 thoughts on “Video: Just How Different is Peachette In New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe?”

  1. The answer… Not very.
    I won’t be getting this game again, this is made for very small kids in mind.

    Wish we had a remaster of Metroid Prime Trilogy instead of this!

    1. This will sell a lot more than Metroid Prime Trilogy would.
      I played the Wii version of the trilogy on Wii U, graphics were still pretty feasible, so not sure if I would buy it either, since I do not see what they could add to it really make it must have, since I just played it through.
      Good games though, and definitely should bring them over.

      1. Metroid Prime Trilogy are amazing games, way better than Mario imo… Yes this would of sold more but MPT is what fans want, it’s always a shame that fans get the short end of the stick

  2. i played it on wii u.
    that means… no…
    not for 60 bucks again… maybe for 10.-
    i bring my wii u game and give 10 or 20 for the switch version

    1. And that’s what they SHOULD have ported over, with more set pieces and backgrounds. But noooooo, they just had to milk the New line again. Why is it even still called “New” SMB?

  3. Sorry but 60 dollars for a game that I may just play once or twice is not something that I am looking forward at the moment. Hopefully under Koizumi’s guide, they may change the direction of these “new” series.

    I miss the genius and sometimes difficult levels that make Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World so special.

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