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Rumor: The Next Nintendo Direct May Be On January 10th

GamingIntel has received new information from their sources that suggests that another Nintendo Direct is on the way, and it may be closer than you think. According to GamingIntel, “I was told January 10th from one source. This hasn’t been cross checked between sources. Most of my other sources are still undecided on an exact date, but certain of a Nintendo January direct”. The site has been accurate before. They accurately predicted the Smash Bros. Directs, as well as Nintendo’s September 2018 Direct.


33 thoughts on “Rumor: The Next Nintendo Direct May Be On January 10th”

      1. “Grand Theft Auto V will come to the Switch in the summer.

        Kingdom Hearts 1.5., 2.5., 2.8, 358/2 Days, Re: Coded, and KH3 will all come to the Switch throughout the year, similar to the barrage of Final Fantasy games”

        If anyone wants a sample of the more outrageous claims of this rumor.

      2. Man I hope this rumor is true. There’s not very many new game announcements I find interesting but it would be cool seeing more people having the chance to try Kingdom Hearts.

    1. That ign one!?

      Haha wow look at all the games,,, it’s fake, it has to be!

      I don’t understand life anymore lol

      1. Also quote from the OP:
        “Alright I just love this game so much that I threw that one game in there as a lie. I’m sorry. Forget Deltrarune, but Shantae and Shovel Knight are in the Direct”

        The guys just pulling legs here, pretty much collection of every rumor since the reveal of Switch and fanboy dreams.

      2. I notice it was fake as soon as I saw splatoon 2 update new maps and gear, devs already confirmed we weren`t getting any more major update (no new maps, or gear) the onky thing splaltoon 2 gets now is new weapon, and stablity and buff on weapons amd modes

    2. I hate when someone makes a fake leak that so perfectly speak to everything I want and that’s how I know it’s fake.

  1. I’m assuming those scrolling in the comments are already expecting potential spoilers, but a Cinematic Trailer for a certain bounty hunter and a certain rival will supposedly be showcased…..

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  3. Some of the things sounded feasible but it started going downhill real quick when he said a Splatoon 2 update, since Nintendo said there’s not going to be more of those. Saying there’s one last 3DS game also goes against the multiple times they’ve had Reggie say they’re going to keep supporting the 3DS. And then there’s the fact that Toby Fox said it will be a long time before there’s anymore DeltaRune /anything/, let alone a Switch port.

    Only another 8 days if there’s really going to be a Direct on the 10th though

    1. they never said how long they’d support the 3DS, quit ASSuming it’s going to run concurrent with Switch, Pokemon’s move proves the 3DS is going to be discontinued soon, because Game Freak will want players playing on Switch, not 3DS.

  4. Honestly, I call bulls#!t on this as a credible rumour. I’ve had this date in mind for some time now, not because I have any insider knowledge but purely because Nintendo have been pretty consistent over the past few years of putting out one main direct per quarter, generally around Jan, March, June and Sept time:

    Nintendo has released presentations on the 2nd Thursday of Jan for the past two years:

    January 11, 2018
    January 12, 2017

    So I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they did again this year.

    I’d put good money on this one just being an educated guess at this point.

  5. This sounds about right for timing, but let’s hope they don’t drag on about and already previously released game “hmm, Mario u” and get some solid details on games like Metroid and bayanetta.
    Probably gona be yoshi, animal crossing and smash updates more than anything. Mp4 prob gona be e3 now, but I’m still not convinced.

  6. I will watch it the next day, no more camping at night for me. ^^ Hope they reveal, or show, something good for the first half of 2019. Still, Pokemon and Smash Bros. are good companions.

  7. It is best that we don’t get hyped for something that can’t be accurate. Remember the grinch leak and the fake Prime Trilogy leak. What I can see in a future direct, a Luigi’s Mansion 3, since Nintendo is focusing on a 6-9 month release schedule and a few other games like Fire Emblem, A.C. etc.

      1. Agreed. After the reveal of King K. Rool in Smash Ultimate, I had truly believe that Banjo would be revealed in the last newcomer video of Nintendo. But instead they put two characters which would have been more accepted if they have revealed then in August instead of November. Hopefully they add him in the DLC, but I’ll keep my expectations in check.

  8. I hope they unveil a new game we never saw before instead of talking about adding new Stages to Splatoon 2 or Smash Bros for 10mins. It would be nice if they showed a trailer of Metroid or Pikmin 4. But we know they never show us what we ask for.

    1. I sometimes think that Nintendo has double personality. They sometimes give us what we want like Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, Dark Samus and King K. Rool in Smash, and sometimes they get our hopes down like not mentioning Pikmin 4, putting less interesting characters in the final characters reveal of Smash Ultimate and not giving people a Pokémon Stadium 3.

      Maybe they have double personality lol 😂

  9. The IGN leak is BS! They didnt even include a release date for Animal Crossing and its the only thing I want from this Direct!

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