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Niantic Has Secured $190 Million Investment

Niantic, the developers behind the fun augmented reality app Pokemon GO, has successfully managed to secure a $190 million investment. There’s no mention regarding who the investors are behind this funding round, but it does mention that twenty six investors contributed. Niantic is working on both Pokemon GO and the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and is worth around $3.9 billion with the investment.


8 thoughts on “Niantic Has Secured $190 Million Investment”

  1. Please only write about news that are actual news! A mobile company securing an investment is not game-related news! Noone cares!

    1. Considering this mobile company has made one of the biggest mobile games that is also a spin off pokemon game? it is news.
      It may not be news for you, but it will be for others, so keep it to yourself

    2. Its about an investment around future games and updates, etc so in tearms of news? its around and will effect games

  2. Nonstick have really come a long way… But I don’t think they’ll be making another Nintendo IP mobile game ever again…
    They might start doing original stuff.

    I’d like to see their original games. And I hope they come to Switch.

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