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Video: Niantic’s Pokemon GO Inspired Harry Potter Game Now Coming 2019

Pokemon GO has been an undeniable success for the Pokemon Company, Niantic and Nintendo, and it is only natural that similar titles have started to appear. The company’s next project is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and it is sure to be a success, building on what the company has already learnt from Pokemon GO. The game was due to launch this year but it has now been pushed back to 2019 in an effort to ensure it is up to standard. 

Have a watch of the new teases for the mobile game below. For now here’s hoping it lives up to the standards Niantic set with Pokemon GO.

6 thoughts on “Video: Niantic’s Pokemon GO Inspired Harry Potter Game Now Coming 2019”

  1. Meh. Let me know when they have an RPG with an open world with Hogwarts as one of the locations and you are a student going through your school years either set during the events of the books or set sometime before or after the books.

      1. Good point. I want to say CD Projekt RED would be a good choice for making an open world Harry Potter game, though, as I enjoyed what they did with Witcher 3’s open world as they did have it to where certain locations were closed off til you progressed the story. Since it would be a Harry Potter game, an invisible wall or a magically sealed door blocking you off from certain areas wouldn’t be out of place.

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