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Europe: Nintendo Introduces Splatoon 2 Tournaments Website

Attention, Inklings and Octolings! Whether you’re just starting to dip your tentacles into the world of Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch, or even if you’re a certified splatter, check out the brand new Splatoon 2 tournaments website.

With this new online community, you can easily assemble your own teams, recruit new members and join regular online tournaments* – for fun, or for glory! Don’t have any teammates in mind? Simply sign up, head to the “Find a Team” section and you’ll be matched up with similar solo splatters. The first tournament begins on Sunday, 13th January at 13:00 GMT and players can start signing up now. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and claim your turf!

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4 thoughts on “Europe: Nintendo Introduces Splatoon 2 Tournaments Website”

  1. Which is fun and all, but only 10 countries are in the list of Place of Residential. Which means if you don’t belong to one of those ten (which is true in my case), you can’t even sign up to look for a team, let alone enter with a team. I’ve already send messages on Twitter and on the Discord, but no reaction so far. Please send more messages on Twitter, Discord and alike, cause this seems hardly fair.

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