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Facebook Blocks GRIS Advert

Arty platformer GRIS was recently released on the Nintendo Switch but publisher Devolver Digital has announced today that an advert for the game has been mysteriously blocked by Facebook. The social media platform says that it was banned for nudity despite it not depicting it

“It’s a silly situation that lacks any common sense,” a Devolver spokesperson told Eurogamer this morning, “but mostly we’re embarrassed to admit we’re still using Facebook. Join ourย Discordย server.”

You can see the apparently offensive scene at the 39 second mark in the video here.



  1. Seen the ad and all I can say is this, what kind of weed have they been smoking in order to come to that conclusion? I want some of that good sh*t they are smoking so I can come up with bullplop conclusions.

  2. Facebook, Instagram, & Tumblr have been going downhill fast what with them suddenly getting allergic to artistic nudity & other se.xual related content. It seems even Patreon is suffering from stupid PC-itis (among other bullshit.) Not on the same level as the other 3 but it’s only a matter of time. I hear someone is trying to start a Patreon-like service that won’t be as bleh for people that are sick of Patreon’s bullshit.

    I look forward to the day Discord outshines Facebook & other sites that are becoming trash. Least til Discord goes into the gutter but I’m sure there will be a good replacement for that, too, when the day comes.

    1. Its the bots that “thought” it had nudity, if were a manual review it would have not been blocked, this is what happens when you trust a bot to do anything as it will deem anything and everything “offensive”, hell you can’t trust humans to do anything as well.

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