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Video: Nintendo Switch Online NES January Game Updates Trailer

Nintendo has announced that the first 2 Nintendo Switch Online NES titles will be coming on January 16th. Zelda II: The Adventures of Link and Blaster Master are on the way. In Japan, gamers will see a third game, which is Joy Mech Fight. A trailer was released with the announcement, so we’ve included that for you down below. Feel free to check it out.


      1. i played on nes… get almost to the end… played on pc… last dungeon… playet on wii… last dungeon… now with the quick save&load i will finish thegame finaly… stupid fisheyes… you can suck…

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    1. oh i have a budy :-)
      yes i love zelda 2 (and for all the people outhere, that also love zelda 2, they should take a look for battle of olympus… its also on the nes… maybe also the guardian legend) and its my favorite zelda than comes majoras mask.
      botw i love to but its different from the series… its first on the other zelda categorie.


  1. So Japan gets three while every other region gets only two. Granted they’re decent games and I’ve never played Blaster Master but am interested in trying it, but now I feel cheated by having one less. It seems with every month that passes, Nintendo’s online service impresses less and less.

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  2. Why are they taking so long to release all the NES games? Only 2 games? We already can play these games in 3DS and Wii U. It’s like if they are doing this purposely. I won’t pay for this online service until they reach the N64 games.

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      1. So far thereโ€™s only been one special offer for members; only members have the ability to purchase the NES controller-styled JoyCons


    1. It is a bit of a shambles that all we have is nes games.
      If ur gona wait for n64 games youโ€™ll be waiting a long, long time unfortunately.


      1. Hopefully Nintendo sees how many people are criticizing the online service and decides to accelerate the the inclusion of the NES and SNES games. Of course I won’t have high hopes for this. Thankfully this year we will have more main games than 2018.


  3. Oooh! Blaster Master! Now I can add this to the games that NES app is good for.

    Super Mario Bros 1
    Super Mario Bros 3
    Blaster Master



  4. Don’t ever expect this to become a rival to Virtual Console.

    VC was intentionally killed forever so that compilations like the Megaman, Megaman X, Genesis, Namco, etc collections gain more value.

    … honestly, many of these collections come with great new features, bonus content and more, and give you more games per dollar than VC ever did. The online Bonus games are just that … “Bonus”.

    Whatever games you wish were there, ask for them to be in future Classics Compilations. Those could be waaay better than freebies. (For 1/3 what the others charge, you can’t really expect much. … a little more than we are getting, which is slim currently, but not much.)

    There is undeniably a lot of room for improvement, and I’m disappointed with the Online Bonus App too … but it will never become VC, so that the developer collections can fill the gap it leaves.


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