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Nintendo Has Announced That Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn Is Releasing On March 8th

Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account has confirmed that Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn will be launching exclusively on the 3DS on March 8th. Soon, you will be able to “unravel this epic and upgraded adventure with Kirby”. We’ve included the official announcement tweet, which came with a small video, down below. Feel free to take a look at it.

19 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Announced That Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn Is Releasing On March 8th”

    1. Not that it is as demanding as Xenblade Chronicle, but XC on New 3DS was even a substantial downgrade, so I bet this won’t be much better, though to be fair I think 3DS will make the game very presentable.

    2. Content-wise it has…

      1. New Ravel Ability items.
      2. Devilish Mode
      3. New mini-games with King Dedede and Meta Knight.
      4. New furniture for Kirby’s Pad.

  1. I’m not usually the type of person to make big complaints and stuff, but I really wish they put this on the Switch instead.

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  3. I wish they ported Return to Dreamland instead. I enjoyed the power challenge rooms more in that game than anything in Epic Yarn. Its cute but beyond the yarn gimmick I can’t imagine wanting to replay this again.

  4. This sadly was not my favorite Kirby game but I think they meant to show us this and the NES line up this month and I feel the Yoshi story was a mistake upload maybe? I don’t know if they are trying to trick us to think there is no Nintendo direct or what.

  5. Man, nintendo game developers sure are lazy after they complete a game.
    An adverage of 10 to 12 years will they make a new game from scratch.
    Look how lazy they gotten after Metroid for Switch from Wii and Pikmin 4?

  6. Tropical Freeze will be 8 years old in next month. I dont understand what’s wrong with making new games immediately? NSMBU is 9 years old. Instead also a port instead they could had worked on a sequal immediately.
    Look how far apart in years Luigi’s Manion 2 and 3. If they worked on it immediately we could had been on Luigi’s Mansion 6. But games they can make immediately are Mario Golf and Mario Party. At least 2 of those per console generation. Pikmin 1 and 2 were on the Gamecube why cant they also make Pikmin games two per console generation like they did in the past? It just shows how lazy Nintendo developers are. I REMEBER when A 3D mario game had a sequal in the same generation console. MARIO Galaxy 1 and 2 on Wii.

    Will at least they made Yoshi’s wooly yarn sequal immediately.

  7. I wonder if 3DS will get any new selects this year. Seems like they would if they are keeping the system going with a small number of new releases, although it sucks all new games are 2D only.

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