UK: New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Enters At Number 1 And Sales Up 24.8% Over Wii U

It is Monday so it is time to take a look at the video game charts in the United Kingdom this week. It has been a quiet week in the charts and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe has crept to number one on the Nintendo Switch outselling titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2. Sales of the Nintendo Switch version were 24.8% higher than the original release on the Wii U system (excluding digital). Here are the best-sellers this week:

Last WeekThis WeekTitle
NEW1New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
12FIFA 19
23Red Dead Redemption 2
34Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
45Super Smash Bros Ultimate
76Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
57Battlefield V
Re-entry8Grand Theft Auto V
89Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy
610Forza Horizon 4



    1. If a random negative comment online is able to ruin your fun with something you enjoy I’d say the problem lies with you, not the negative comment.

  1. It’s a good game, but still not worth the price second time round.
    It’s gona outsell wii u copies easily coz hardly anyone had a Wii u.

    1. Not to mention that it is boring to save Peace over and over again. Why not save a different land or something along the lines of the fairies of 3D World?

    1. There have been so many “New” Super Mario Bros. games since 2005 the word “new” has lost all meaning. If Mario Kart is going by numbers for new installments now, why can’t Super Mario Bros.? We’d be on, what, Super Mario Bros. 9 right now?

      1. I think Nintendo’s allergic to numbers (for the most part) because it’s not different enough from the rest of the world. It’s why each new system from Nintendo has some fancy new name these days. Gotta be different from everyone else for some reason. (I think that’s the only real reason Nintendo innovates & tries to reinvent the wheel every gen because they want to be “different” from Sony, Microsoft, etc.)

      2. It’s also why Nintendo made up the term “open-air” to describe Breath of the Wild because open world is just too “same-y” to the others. (Some, if not most, of us know it’s open world & only suckers believe open-air is somehow different from the rest of the genre.)

          1. ((*comes back to the top of the comment* Ugh! I typed A LOT more than I intended. Oh well. You don’t have to read past the first paragraph (which sticks to the topic of our little conversation) as the rest of the comment after it is just ramblings.))

            I think it has to do with the fact that when they were doing the same thing as Sony did with the PlayStation (making just a stronger system than the previous systems) & got their asses handed to them with the N64 & GCN both losing out to the PS1 & PS2 respectively, I think it scared Nintendo out of doing the same as others. Before PlayStation came along, Nintendo was sitting comfortably at the top & it made them egotistical (maybe a bit narcissistic.) Sure Sega gave Nintendo a run for their money with the Genesis but Nintendo still was at the top & Sega, in their desperation & greed, thought they could rush out their next systems & crush Nintendo for good only to fall short, boosting Nintendo’s own ego in the process. So when PlayStation knocked them off of their high horse two times in a row with the PS1 & PS2, they gave up trying to be the same & figured being different would put them back on top.

            With Wii, it worked… For about 2 or 3 years. lol But in spite of the Wii falling in popularity, the money & the sales of the Wii itself blinded them to that fact and thus they did the Wii U which doubled down on being different. Unfortunately, the Wii name was already a damaged brand by the time of the Wii U so most gamers wanted NOTHING to do with the U & even most 3rd parties abandoned it. Even the ones that continued to support it after that first year didn’t put as much effort into it as they did that first year & the beginning of the second year. Still, they weren’t done giving up on being different. After all, their handheld division remained untouched by others that not even Sony Interactive’s superior (least in power & video quality) handhelds could compete with. That & along with the fact that portability in the form of laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc (ESPECIALLY tablets & smartphones), they came up with the Switch, a hybrid of home console & handheld/portable gaming. So far, it’s working wonders like the Wii before it. But unlike the Wii, 3rd party support is far better & most of the games from them aren’t (for the most part) watered down versions like many of their games for Wii were. I’m keeping a close eye on this 3rd year of the Switch, though. If the Switch’s momentum can continue to be this strong well into this 3rd year & well into the 4th year, then I think Nintendo may have finally found that different thing that is an all around success… Unlike the Wii which floundered after some time.

            If the Switch had been another failure, I think Nintendo would have either given up on home consoles and actually gone 3rd party, given up on home consoles & went all in with handhelds, or they would have gone back to just doing the same as others & accept the possibility that they may never be on top again & just be happy with their current position beneath Sony Interactive as they just make a 3rd twin in the industry that just so happened to be the only place to play their games. Those were the best case scenarios, though, as they could have followed Konami & made pachinko machines or followed countless others & just make low quality mobile games or both.

            In any case, I hope they stick with the Switch concept & just improve upon it for the next few gens and revisit innovation every now & then by way of new types of controllers as a side project for their Switch systems instead of making a system revolve around the innovation. ESPECIALLY if the Switch is a vast improvement over the Wii.

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