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Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Coming To Nintendo Switch, April 2019

Those of you who grew up watching the Power Rangers in action will be excited to learn that a new video game of the action franchise is heading to the Nintendo Switch platform. The game is titled Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. The new cross-platform fighting game will be available as a digital download for $19.99 and will be released in April.

The game is now available for pre-order at 4 pre-orders will start shortly. Those ordering prior to launch will receive an exclusive bonus of the Green Ranger V2 character skin and a digital art book. In addition, a special Digital Collector’s Edition will be available to pre-order for $39.99, which contains the full game download, Season One Pass (which will include three new characters, their Arcade story, and a new warrior skin), and exclusive Lord Drakkon Evo II and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger character skins.

“Power Rangers fans have been asking for a high fidelity fighting game on console and PC that match up iconic Rangers and villains across the expansive Power Rangers multiverse for quite some time now,” said Taehoon Kim, co-founder and CEO of nWay. “We wanted to deliver this to the fans and make sure it has cross-play and cross-progression capabilities as we believe playing with friends across multiple platforms at the same time is where the future of gaming is headed.”

Power Ranger: Battle for the Grid is an easy to learn but hard to master fighting game that delivers a modern take on the Power Rangers franchise. The game features stunning graphics with vivid details and pits new and classic Rangers and villains against each other in team battles. Featuring a streamlined combat system, the game welcomes newcomers to the genre with simplified controls, while maintaining depth and detail for more intense and experienced competitors. Players will be challenged to test their skills online against friends and other players around the world, providing endless replayability. With new content and game modes releasing throughout the year, the game will continuously offer the community new ways to play and compete.

With cross-play across multiple platforms, all players whether on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PC, will be in the same player pool and will have the ability to compete against each other in real-time. Even when players change their platform, their mission progress they have worked to achieve will still be available to them, allowing for cross-progression and true seamless gameplay no matter where they play.

“Since the acquisition of the Power Rangers IP, we’ve been looking forward to bringing Power Rangers fans memorable experiences. With Power Rangers:Battle for the Grid, we’re expanding the portfolio of great Power Rangers games to more platforms,” said Mark Blecher, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Affairs at Hasbro.

“The Power Rangers have proven to be an enduring global phenomenon among audiences of all ages,” said Daniel Engelhardt, Senior Vice President of Interactive Ventures & Games at Lionsgate. “We are excited to build upon our successful mobile game, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, to offer a unique opportunity for fans to enjoy a new cross-platform fighting game experience on console and PC.”

More details on Power Ranger: Battle for the Grid will be released in the coming weeks.


Source: PR

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the tip!

23 thoughts on “Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Coming To Nintendo Switch, April 2019”

  1. Thanks but I might pass. There are too many key factors keeping me from playing this game. I probably won’t be happy if I don’t get my favorite rangers, and we’ll probably never get the Legendary Squadron, aka the Diaranger. Even if we get those, I don’t like the direction Power Rangers has gone. First you skip seasons, and now you adapt them out of order? Make up your mind.

    1. “First you skip seasons, and now you adapt them out of order? Make up your mind.”

      Power Rangers isn’t really an adaptation of Super Sentai. It’s a different show that uses the same footage.

      1. There is a new Power Rangers coming out this year that is based on Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters called ‘Power Rangers Beast Morphers’. The Original Super Sentai was released back in 2012 but because of Hasbro, they’re actually planning on using (for the first time in years) brand new footage instead of relying on stock footage.

        So not all Power Rangers shows are just stock footage from Super Sentai.

  2. I’m going to be a weird person here and say that $20 is too cheap. That is, I see the $20 price point and think “this must be trash”. Now, I was 5 years old when Power Rangers first hit it big in the states. It’s a big part of my childhood. I’d be down for wasting some money on nostalgia. Still, I’ll approach with caution.

  3. When my boss was small like me, he always watched Power rangers and Kenshin every Saterday morning.
    Now he is older we go for long walks while I poo on the neighbor his new garden.

  4. I’m kind of dubious about this. I’ve been playing PR Legacy Wars on mobile since it came out almost two years ago, and is made by the same game studio that’s making this. It was fine at the start, very little money grabbing, but after a few months it devolved into a complete P2W game, locking new, super powerful characters behind a premium paywall for six months before adding them into the lootboxes you earn for free, even though before that they and just added new characters into the lootboxes directly. Anyone who played when Lord Drakkon or Koragg were first introduced can attest to this. They completely dominated the game.

    Now, before anyone says that’s the norm for mobile games and not console games – I know. I’m saying all this because, from what that trailer shows, the models are ripped directly from the mobile game and have just been given higher resolution textures. Same goes for the map we can see. It looks, to me, like just an upgraded version of the mobile game, with a lot more fighting game mechanics added in. $20 for an additional three characters also seems a bit steep (and some skins). The way NWay is run, if Legacy Wars is anything to go by, is that they want to squeeze as much money out of people as possible. Yes yes, this is a development company, not a charity – I know all that.

    I really hope it’s a great game and that NWay don’t get too money hungry for their own good, I really do.

    1. I know it’s not the same company, but if it goes the Voez route where the mobile game is free and you pay for each song after the free ones and the console version is a one-time $20 payment with free updates forever, that’d be great too.

  5. Fuck! Green Ranger V2 looks fucking awesome as fuck! I want that as an ACTUAL costume in real fucking life! D:<

    Anyway, at 20 bucks & for the way the game looks, as much as I'd love to play as Green Ranger V2, I might have to pass on this, too, as I'm also worried this game might just be shit & is just the mobile game but on consoles with a few changes to trick people into thinking it's a new game.

      1. That’s Lord Drakkon, an evil alternate universe version of Tommy who never broke free of Rita’s control. If you haven’t read the MMPR comics from Boom Studios (MMPR specifically – not Go Go Power Rangers), which introduce the character, I highly recommend them. His character is really explored in the Broken Grid storyline.

  6. “Power Rangers fans have been asking for a high fidelity fighting game on console and PC that match up iconic Rangers and villains across the expansive Power Rangers multiverse for quite some time now,”

    Did… did anyone ask for that? I know I didn’t ask for that. I can think of plenty of gametypes I’d love to see in the power rangers universe. But a high fidelity fighting game? Seriously! Who actually asked for this? WHo in the freaking world would rather this to like, an RPG, or an action game, or even another beat em up but done well for once.

    Imagine an RPG like Persona, where you have to balance your day life as a student, and your night life as a power ranger. Imagine if someone who actually gave a shit about the IP worked on a power rangers game.

    1. While a fighting game is nice, I definitely would have asked for a Power Rangers in other genres before asking for it as a fighting game.

      In fact, I would have asked for a Power Rangers Warriors/Musou game from Koei Tecmo before asking for a Power Rangers fighting game. Also, if Koei Tecmo perfected the fighting game mode from Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, they could actually do both in one, big ass game.

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