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New Video For Yo-Kai Watch 4 On Nintendo Switch

Level-5 has given us another look at Yo-Kai Watch 4 for the Nintendo Switch. It is the first entry to make its way to Nintendo’s latest platform and Level-5 are undoubtedly hoping it will be a success. Yo-Kai Watch 4 is coming to the Nintendo Switch this year in Japan.

35 thoughts on “New Video For Yo-Kai Watch 4 On Nintendo Switch”

  1. Another kiddie indie game for a kiddie indie hybrid console aimed at kiddies,the adult babies in diapers must be happy about this game,while Im awaiting the release of the GOTY 2019 ….U kiddies want to guess what it is?,yup u guessed wrong its not Pokemon its The Last Of Us 2 πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ™†

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I like Yo-Kai Watch 4 and Pokemon games but I kinda agree with the SONYrian’s point above. Not with the two being kiddie games but with The Last of Us being a possible GOTY. I liked Naughty Dog’s action-adventure game The Last of Us. Its ending left me on a cliffhanger. Thus, I’m also excited of its sequel and of course Ellie.

    1. yeep the last of us 2 will be awesome…
      great story telling.
      thats something that nintendo cant :-(
      but yokai watch 4… it also be great :-)
      gere comes a new challenger.
      Metroid Prime 4… GOTY ;-)

    2. this bait is so bad. not because I’m offended by it, but it’s literally what any normie who thought all animation is bad purely because it’s animated would post, though then again it might just be about fortnite.

    3. TLOU2 will be trash just like how Uncharted 4 was.

      Naughty Dog is more interested in creating cinematic experiences or shoving their politics down the player’s throat than making a competent game.

      1. its cineastic… but the atmo and the story is what this game makes awesome.
        its not the gameplay… if you want gameplay you should take other games, like mario, zelda, metroid.

      2. So if I’m to understand you correctly, it’s the story and not the gameplay that makes the video”game” awesome? Give me a break! There are games like MGS3 that do both gameplay and storytelling than TLOU. If I truely wanted a remarkable story I’d go read a book or watch a TV series like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad.

        Anyways, TLOU doesn’t even have that fantastic of a story either. Especially if you’ve seen this:

        It’s basically The Last of Us: The Movie but better.

  2. Nice graphics. Unfortunately it hasn’t the same appeal of Pokemon to me. But Level 5 has done a good job for who can appreciate it (young children?). I wish it good sales.

  3. =b all these people who don’t realize this is just the Ni No Kuni engine, if you want to know how this game feels i suggest playing that game, it’s sequal is meh. Also, people are comparing it to the Pokemon game that GF has said many times doesn’t represent Gen 8 and that those games will be advancing the series forward in visuals and in mechanics.

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