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Nintendo Switch Was Highest Selling Console Of 2018 in USA, France, And Japan

Information has emerged today which reveals that the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling video game platform in the United States, France and Japan last year. That means that the console was the best-selling in three of the four largest gaming markets worldwide. The one missing was the United Kingdom which is the largest in Europe. Sony’s PlayStation 4 console took the crown in the UK in 2018.

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  1. Wow. The Nintendo Switch is giving other consoles a serious beating. The Switch coming out on top in France, Japan and United States is just amazing. I believe it’ll push itself even more to steal the spotlight from Sony’s PlayStation 4 in UK.

    1. ||we, the first order are everywhere my apprentice , now those countries…tomorrow the worldโ€ฆ||

  2. It was bound to happen since the PS4 is declining in sales, the Xbox One is still stuck in mediocrity, & the Switch has been doing amazing with it’s superior library when compared with both the Wii U AND Wii. Now if NIntendo could just kill off some of their more stupid ideas with the Switch (like that filthy app) & they’d be back to form before the Wii damaged their overall reputation.

    1. Why would they, though? The thing is a money print machine, why change something so profitable?
      People are mediocre, they buy and praise mediocre things to be as cool as other mediocre people. I think everybody else is mediocre so maybe I’m the real mediocre in the end.
      Anyway, this world is business; times of real glory and reputation are long gone. What the masses want is simply stupid entertainment. Game companies are providing it to them and they are satisfied, while they provide big sums to game companies and they also get satisfied. Everybody is happy in the end (sic).
      Money, my friend, everything is sumarized by money.

      1. He’s not serious. He’s basically mocking those of us that bring up the fact one of the reasons the Switch is doing so well in Japan (a country that loves their portable devices) is because it’s a portable system.

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