Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Update Adds Two New Features: Blathers’s Treasure Trek And Pete’s Parcel Service

Nintendo has dispatched a brand-new update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Available now on iOS and Android devices, patch version 2.1.0 adds a number of new features and tweaks several existing elements within the popular mobile game. Official release notes from the development team are as follows:

  • Added the Blathers’s Treasure Trek feature.
  • Added the Pete’s Parcel Service feature.
  • The garden feature is now easier to use.
  • Maximum friendship levels increased.
  • Added new kinds of fruits.
  • Adjusted campsite-camera controls in the camper and cabin.
  • Implemented other bug fixes.
  • Adjusted on-screen display.



  1. Noooo! I was so close to maxing out all friendships! And more fruit?! Why? The cabin doesn’t even help level up the animals by more than one point at a time.

  2. Pocket Camp reminds me of the Animal Crossing for 3DS. It looks addictive and fun as New leaf. I remember doing events, collecting new items, furniture, and villagers, and building the perfect town. Though Pocket Camp is only a mobile life simulation video game, knowing that it still bothers to update assures its players a long fun Animal Crossing experience.

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