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UK: Nintendo Switch Software Sales Pull Ahead Of Xbox One

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News has emerged from the United Kingdom that Nintendo Switch software sales have now pulled ahead of Xbox One software sales. The Nintendo Switch’s software sales in January 2019 were 28.1 per cent. The Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch are both continuing to try and fend off Sony’s PlayStation 4 system.

Back in January 2018, Switch only represented 13.1 per cent of all physical games sold in the UK, while in January 2019, it represented 28.1 per cent. In January 2019, for the first time, Switch has sold more physical titles monthly than the Xbox One. The Switch has been doing better than the Xbox One in terms of value for six out of the past nine months already. 


7 thoughts on “UK: Nintendo Switch Software Sales Pull Ahead Of Xbox One”

      1. Well done Nintendo Switch, well done! It’s not over for Xbox yet. I have a feeling that they’re up to something sneaky. With a powerful company at their back, the fight between the titans of the gaming industry continues. So don’t lower your guard yet.

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