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Nintendo Stock Has Fallen 9.3% Due To Reduced Switch Console Sales Target

Nintendo announced yesterday during their financial results that they had decided to lower their sales estimates for the Nintendo Switch. They had originally targeted to shift a lofty 20 million Switch units but they have reduced that to 17 million. That hasn’t gone down well on the stock markets as the Kyoto-based company’s stock has fallen 9.3% due to the revised forecast. No doubt it will be go back up fairly soon.

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15 thoughts on “Nintendo Stock Has Fallen 9.3% Due To Reduced Switch Console Sales Target”

  1. Nintendo’s 20 million sales prediction got me curious about their intention in the first place. I think they’re giving their investors assurance. Unsure of the target, they lowered it to 17 million. It’s still a win-win for them but inevitably fails to live up to their promise to their investors. I always had a feeling that behind their impressive software sales, there will be a negative market reaction.

    1. Nintendo created this drop by predicting 20 million sold. There was no reason for them to do that. 17 million is great why would you estimate a number that You know you’re not going to get

  2. The original figure was absurdly high. 17 million should still have been beyond anyone’s expectations. Both Nintendo and their investors were crazy if they actually thought 20 million was likely.

  3. Maybe sales would go up if we actually had an Nintendo Direct. Three Houses, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Yoshi’s Crafted World barely has any news about it and everything else is just a game title.

  4. Bull shit… its due to lack of new Nintendo first party games. There’s too much remakes, too much nindies that made bored people already. I’m one of those. I don’t know how they plan to sell the 23 million units they’re shipping without first party games. Mario kart 9 for example, could boost the switch like skyrocket. Just saying….

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