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New Pokemon Mobile Game In Development

A recent job listing posted by the Pokemon Company has revealed that a new Pokemon mobile game is in the works. Details on the new Pokemon game are obviously scarce, but hopefully we shall hear later this year to see what it is they have been working on. The position advertised is for a Principle Game Designer.

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9 thoughts on “New Pokemon Mobile Game In Development”

    1. I don’t remember them saying they are slowly shifting to mobile. I think they are just slowly incorporating mobile into their grand plan, which includes mobile gaming, handheld/console gaming, merchandise, and even movies and theme parks now too.

  1. Honestly kinda hoping it turns out to be some sort of mobile Pokedex that connects to the new main series game coming to the Switch this year. Can you imagine how cool that would be, to actually be able to hold the Pokedex in your hand like that??

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