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Video: Team Sonic Racing “Making Of The Music” – Part 1

SEGA has released a brand new Team Sonic Racing video to the official Sonic YouTube channel. This is part one of a behind-the-scenes series called “Making Of The Music”. As the name implies, SEGA wants you to “go behind-the-scenes in the studio with Jun Senoue and other musicians as they record tracks from Team Sonic Racing”. The video is down below.

4 thoughts on “Video: Team Sonic Racing “Making Of The Music” – Part 1”

  1. I’ll buy this game, but i won’t play as amy’s teammates. Amy is fine, but cream the rabbit (fly/technique) and tikal the echidna (power) or chaos zero (power) should have been on her team instead. I don’t hate anyone on team sonic, shadow, eggman, or team silver. I only enjoyed big the cat being playable on sonic heroes. Despite my hatred of treasure hunting and fishing, i want to play sonic adventure on nintendo switch.

  2. boost, dreamcast, and nintendo sonic fan

    This was posted on my birthday. I was born in 1991. My first sonic game was sonic spinball on mega drive.

  3. Danica Patrick is mai waifu.

    I want all of the sonic levels from sonic all stars racing transformed to return on this game. They have a format for land vehicles.

  4. So cool! It’s great that the Sonic Games get to incorprate Crush 40’s badass music. Good or bad, Sonic games will surely benefit from their masterpiece.Well done Crush 40, Sega and sonic team!

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