Video: Team Sonic Racing “Making Of The Music” – Part 1

SEGA has released a brand new Team Sonic Racing video to the official Sonic YouTube channel. This is part one of a behind-the-scenes series called “Making Of The Music”. As the name implies, SEGA wants you to “go behind-the-scenes in the studio with Jun Senoue and other musicians as they record tracks from Team Sonic Racing”. The video is down below.


  1. I’ll buy this game, but i won’t play as amy’s teammates. Amy is fine, but cream the rabbit (fly/technique) and tikal the echidna (power) or chaos zero (power) should have been on her team instead. I don’t hate anyone on team sonic, shadow, eggman, or team silver. I only enjoyed big the cat being playable on sonic heroes. Despite my hatred of treasure hunting and fishing, i want to play sonic adventure on nintendo switch.


  2. This was posted on my birthday. I was born in 1991. My first sonic game was sonic spinball on mega drive.


  3. I want all of the sonic levels from sonic all stars racing transformed to return on this game. They have a format for land vehicles.


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