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Team Sonic Racing: Metal Sonic, Zavok, And Dr. Eggman Join The Team

SEGA has confirmed today via the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account that a number of beloved characters are joining the upcoming Team Sonic Racing. The characters that have been announced today are as follows, Metal Sonic, Zavok, and Dr. Eggman. Team Sonic Racing launches this summer on consoles.

14 thoughts on “Team Sonic Racing: Metal Sonic, Zavok, And Dr. Eggman Join The Team”

  1. Why are the Zeti STILL around!?

    These guys are just rejected Rayman characters! For anyone who ever grew up with and played the Adventure games, the Advance/Rush games and even the Classic games, when would these guys ever fit in beyond their first mistake of a game (Sonic Lost World, by Pontaff).

      1. They’re character designs are far more deranged and Nickelodeon cartoonish than any Mario character. You have a manic guy, a flat blob who loves food, the chick with big hair, the emo-eeyore parody, the tiny master, and Bighorns McBowser-ripoff.

      1. He was an awesome character til the end of the game. If not for the ending & his battles, he would have been much, much better. I like to have an edgy character every now & then ESPECIALLY when most of the other characters are so fucking… cheerful. Sonic & Mario can both do with a little more darkness in their bright, colorful, & cheerful worlds. I hope it’s one character Sega doubles down on & brings back for future games. (And hopefully in a much better capacity than Sonic Forces as that game let his character down.

  2. If they’re gonna keep shoehorning in one member of the Deadly Six in each Sonic game, why is it ALWAYS Zavok? I would prefer none of them return and they can fade into obscurity for all I care.

    Should’ve been Infinite, with his vehicle looking like one of the giant Infinite heads he conjures up in the Avatar’s Metropolis stage.

  3. Cream died to Zavok,ZAVOK of all people got in over Cream?!BULLSHIT!COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT!Does SEGA really think Cream’s had too much good going for her?!Why are the worst Sonic characters getting in over the fan favorites?!First Omochao then Zavok!

  4. The only playable characters i hate so far are omochao and big the cat. Big the cat was only fun to play as on sonic heroes. Cream the rabbit and chaos zero or tikal the echidna should have been on amy’s team. Eggman is technique, so he’ll probably have a jet pack or something. Tikal was a fly type character on a spin off, but she seems to be a power type on sonic adventure 2:battle multiplayer treasure hunts. I wish i could let sega know i want cream the rabbit to be playable on team sonic racing. Espio and the Babylon rogues would make fines additions.

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