Nintendo Won’t Fire Yasha Haddaji After Investigation Into His Workplace Conduct

Nintendo has announced today that they won’t be firing their head of the Russian division, Yasha Haddaji. Instead he will receive a formal warning and has issued an apology letter to all Nintendo Russia employees. Here’s the company’s statement.

“Nintendo initiated a thorough investigation into each of the allegations made against the General Manager of Nintendo Russia, Mr Yasha Haddaji, in November. “While the results of the investigation acknowledge that Mr Haddaji’s loss of temper on display in the video has at times also been observed in the office, none of the allegations of harassment brought forth in the wake of the video were substantiated by the investigation.

“Mr Haddaji fully acknowledges that his conduct related to him losing his temper is a breach of our Code of Conduct, and expresses his remorse to all those affected by it. He has received a formal warning and has issued an apology letter to all Nintendo Russia employees.

“Our top priority is to ensure a safe and supportive working environment for all employees. It’s because of these values that we committed to a full and thorough investigation into each of the allegations against Mr Haddaji. Going forward, Nintendo of Europe will be providing more resources to Nintendo Russia to support their efforts to bring Nintendo products and experiences to Russian players.

“We want to ensure that the conduct of all our employees is in line with Nintendo’s company values, and we remain committed to upholding these standards in the future.”



  1. While I support that people get second chances, I would like to see this man fired. I’ve been in working environments where the bosses are horrible, and it affects your life in a so immensely way it’s horrible. I feel sorry for those employees.

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      1. I understand that it’s not easy to prove accusations when it’s word against words, but it’s obvious there’s something shady about that guy.
        I heard he’s a hard worker, and Nintendo just want to keep him so they don’t have to hassle with acquiring a new guy in a place they might not have much income. I hope at least for the employees and the fans there that they get better founding.

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      2. It seems like you are correct. He is a hard worker but what he did to those employees is unacceptable behavior. But, money is important for the company and its hard to find new employees like this when it comes to making games like this. Nintendo didn’t fired this guy but at least he got a warning from there HQ after his situation. At least fans will be able to enjoy there games in the company.

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    1. “none of the allegations of harassment brought forth in the wake of the video were substantiated by the investigation.”

      He should be fired for accusations? Shoot, by the phrasing, it sounds like the investigation suggested a specific lack of truth to the accusations.

      ” it’s obvious there’s something shady about that guy.”

      I really hope that you never have power over another person’s life.


  2. Nintendo are Virtue signalers.

    Bans stuff in games if it affect possible sales whatever the virtue.

    But has no issue with slave labor and suicide nets by people who make the Switch
    Also has no issue if the CEO makes big bucks for them and the Russians don’t stand up on Twitter.

    Russia players should boycott Nintendo.

    Also this shows again that Corporations should have no power over politics or influence people with propaganda since they themself aren’t virtuous people after all.

    I’m not talking about Nintendo only, we even have way worse virtue signalers like Apple.

    Russian Gamers rise up and get the CEO out and you will the real power of free market … oh wait it’s Russia OOps

    Forget what I said.

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    1. I know, right!? And some of these guys, like Gunn, got fired for something they fucking said 10 or so years ago & even apologized for in the past. Kevin Hart is up next apparently because of some offensive homophobia crap he said over 10 years ago. I guess forgiveness doesn’t matter anymore because apparently people are beyond changing anyway so forgiving them is pointless since they’ll just say more bullshit later.

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      1. I’d be a dick, too, if people were trying to ruin my career because I said something stupid on Twitter over 10 years ago. Fuck PC Culture!


  3. Firing him and getting a better replacement would be a better choice but since they probably can’t find one, warning him formally is the next best thing.


      1. While I agree SJW politics is bullshit, I’d hardly call wanting a shitty boss to be punished SJW politics. How about just plain old justice for the people he mistreats?

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  4. Good news. The guy didnt do anything wrong and people have to understand that this is normal in Russia. Countries have different cultures and norms.


    1. Well in my country, it’s normal to go around beating people up for believing in their own belief that is opposite from the people attacking them. So should that go unpunished?

      Why do I get the feeling your the type of guy who watches all the “Ben Shapiro Owning Libtards” videos in your undies


      1. Nothing wrong with your country. Its probably an amazing redpilled and based Arab country like Syria. Its good that arab countries dont accept SJW politics.


  5. It’d be too easy to make one of those Russia jokes so I’m gonna make one! In Russia, CEOs fuck you & don’t get punished with something like a demotion or a temporary suspension! Just a measly slap on the wrist (aka a warning) and they get to keep their job! Yay! Wait. That’s not a yay!

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  6. Yet they had no problem firing a guy who mention allegedly secret things about Nintendo’s practices, yet he holds no ill will towards them (compared to a guy who insults his employees in the middle of a live stream).


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  7. Well, he almost got fired witch they have no problem with but at least Nintendo give him a warning after his situation started a while ago. Besides, if you beat up your own co workers that can cause jail time. i wonder if the workers at Nintendo of Russia can take justice in to there own hands.


  8. Just FYI guys, if they fire him and the investigation turned up nothing, he could possibly sue the pants off them. Firing people based on a standard of no evidence is perhaps not the best policy.


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