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Digital Foundry List What They Want To See From Nintendo Switch Revision

We heard last year from a report on the Wall Street Journal that Nintendo is preparing a Nintendo Switch revision which could possibly come this summer. Digital Foundry has produced a video outlining the changes they would like to see from a possible Nintendo Switch revision. Here they are:

1. 4K output support (upscaling the games to 4K and outputting a 4K signal to the TV to avoid double-upscaling)
2. WiFi quality improvements
3. better dock to stop scratching the screen
4. larger internal storage
5. better kickstand
6. bigger screen size (smaller bezels)

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64 thoughts on “Digital Foundry List What They Want To See From Nintendo Switch Revision”

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      Maybe contribute something instead of COPY/PASTE bait and insults from Youtube.

      Everyone is friends here with each other and we love talking/arguing about Nintendo.
      We don’t need your toxic and manipulative youtube crap here.

      It’s 2019 and we are all aware you are the salty one.


      1. Took the words right out of my mouth its like people forget that humans aren’t allowed to express emotion and voice there opinions anymore people like robin are the ones that create there own salt

  1. Digital Foundy has always praised the Switch’s performance when is used in the portable mode, so they don’t need more power inside the system.

    Instead, they should made possible a revision for the dock, including a powerful graphical boost in the docked mode, using another Nvidia compatible and cheap chipset into the dock itself. It is possible to do that? I don’t know a lot about those things.

    1. It should be possible, but it also depends on the bandwidth of the internal processor and graphics card so it can match the bandwidth of the external booster. At least I think it does matter, but I could be wrong, maybe the booster itself would be capable of that. That being said, I do think greater internal storage could be a huge plus

    2. It certainly nerds more power, that is literally always the first thing to upgrade. They should update to a 1080p OLED display (HDR would then be possible)
      OLED would also give better battery life about 9-12% not to mention far superior color and contrast.

      docked mode could still out better graphics, but handheld mode would be better detailed.
      Better wifi is definitely a good option, i literally have great internet but can play smash on wifi 5 feet from my router. 🤬
      A new docking station that shows the display would be cool (remember those ads on Wii U, they could do that but also with news and other updates)
      New docking station could also offer thunderbolt (and the switch 2.0) which would allow a external GPU for 4k tv output.

      Display dont need to be bigger (digital foundry clearly don’t understand how the joycon work) but the kickstand could be WAY better. Or….like dont bother having it, that’s cool too. I got a case for mine that has a way better stand built in. The one time i used the built in one….i fell off.

      1. @ariyon Right??? the wifi antenna of the switch is really weak! also, you are right, a oled screen can sabe some battery, but those screen don´t have a poor funtional life?

    3. You don’t know a lot about things, yet I do know you liked a Derp her his comment because he said “laughing with salt from people who don’t know”

      So I guess that’s YOU and you liked the comment.

      Not so bright aren’t you ?

      1. Man, i don’t know why you act so mad about that comment, i found it funny, because, just like me, it could be more people comenting, and i love this little unimportant debates and conversations. Maybe you know about a lot of things, maybe so many things that you can act like that, judging and acting just like the first guy thought some people were going to act. So… There’s that. I was talking about dock that give extra power to the system. If you wanna talk about it, great.

    4. thats what i thought in the beginning, that the dockingstation has power in the ass. but there is nothing.
      it should be posibble… the switch is perfect on the go but at home it would be great to have more power.
      in the past each system could be upgraded (n64 with the ram pack) etc.

      1. The reason the N64 was able to have more RAM added was because you were directly replace the RAM bus terminator from the system with a RAM chip that directly connects to the internal RAM. It was made specifically with that expansion in mind and the Switch does not.

        They COULD theoretically add a RAM chip that connects via USB-C but it would be a storage/cartridge cache at best because it would top out at about 500 MB/s in handheld mode and like 100MB/s when docked. That’s like 1/40th to 1/200th of the speed of the memory it actually has.

    5. Making the dock a power upgrade wuld defeat the purpose of portability; and ur gonna need to upgrade the USB-C port on the Switch to at least a Thunderbolt 3 to even b able to do it.
      Seems like a risky investment; wuldnt b as much if it was the launch system though.

      1. It already has the bandwidth to communicate with an external GPU in a similar fashion to PCI Express. The problem is that that changes the memory architecture drastically and the GPU in the Switch may not be of use at all in that scenario. In fact, if they attempted to use both GPUs, the one in the Switch might slow down the one in the dock.

    6. You CAN’T increase it’s performance with a dock in anyway that would make sense. Memory bandwidth in the Switch is already low for the GPU it has. If you add another GPU in the dock then it would also need it’s own fast memory and cooling and the Switch would communicate with it through USB-C like PCI Express. That would effectively change it’s memory architecture from uniform (GPU and CPU share memory) to non-uniform (CPU and GPU each have their own memory) when docked and the Switch’s internal GPU would be completely Switched off.

      At that point you’d have a $200+ dock with:
      Fast Memory
      Heatsink + Fan
      HDMI port
      USB ports capable of connecting to HDDs
      Power input.

      Essentially, it would be an ARM CPU, Wifi/Bluetooth controller, flash storage, and cartridge slot away from being a completely standalone home console.

  2. the switch pro needs to be powerful enough to run ps5/ next xbox games if it wants to be relevant in the next gen

    1. That is talking about a totally new console, a revision can’t solve that. Also they didn’t need to support PS4/XOne games to be the most relevant console nowadays, most multi-platform games get more sales on Switch than in any other console, including Steam.

      1. one of the reasons why wii u failed was the lack of third party support. By 2020 if switch isn’t powerful powerful enough ps5 games than we might start seeing a decline in AAA third party games.

    2. 1)this isn’t true at all. It’s niche literally invalidates the need for it to be THAT powerful
      2) your on crack if you think you’re going to get a revision with that much of a jump. A “switch 2” maybe. A revision? Fuck no

    3. Reason for 3rd party support is not only bc of power, but bc of a VERY outdated CPU architecture. (An architecture from the Gamecube era) There was a reason wht the 3rd party support, tht was on the system, performed worse than on the weaker, Xbox 360.
      But thx to the Switch’s Tegra X1, it is a hell of alot easier to port many indie and 3rd party games to the system. Now whether the system can play the games at an acceptable performance/resolution/rendering is another story.

      1. This is absolutely true. The PowerPC CPU in the Wii U sucked, in fact, there were PowerPC chips based on newer architectures that are in Bluetooth chips now. The ARM cores in the Tegra X1 are way better and would keep up with the other system’s CPUs if it were at full clock speed but it’s only about half as powerful with the clocks they’re using in the Switch.

    4. It will never be able to catch up with a home console as long as its stuck within the size, heat, and performance constraints of a portable system. There’s already a 6x to 10x gap between the Switch and consoles that came out 4 years earlier. Based on the specs of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, the next gen systems will increase that gap to maybe 40x. Of course using multipliers is a very simple way to compare hardware but it’s a good way to ballpark how much of a gap there is.

      Even matching the amount of memory that a next gen system might have would be difficult because the Switch must use mobile memory which is fast, compact, low power and dense and thus way more expensive. For example, the Switch uses 2x 2GB LPDDR 3200 chips that gives it 4GB of memory and 25.6GB/s of bandwidth. The Xbox One uses 16x 512MB DDR3 that gives it 8GBs of memory and 68.3GB/s of bandwidth. The DDR3 requires more chips and more power but it likely costs around the same amount as Switches memory.

    1. The dock scratch the back also, maybe get of your ass and actually look at it in the sun light instead acting like such a cool derp.

      Nobody is pretending, just you need glasses and a brain please.

      1. Well, what do you expect. He doesn’t actually use the Switch as a portable outside his house (but likes that he has the option) so how would he ever see those scratches? :-P

    2. Some people are still pretending everyone that had scratches on their Switch is a crazy baboon slamming it into the dock or is just a liar? Bizarre. It’s almost as if the people that don’t believe it haven’t experienced it themselves and, like a narcissist, think that everyone that has experienced it is just a filthy liar that doesn’t know how to treat their Switch right because Nintendo is 100% perfect & can’t do no wrong.

    1. Yea, they’re trivial upgrades as far as complexity but they’ll increase the manufacturing cost of the system.

      1. 4K output support (upscaling the games to 4K and outputting a 4K signal to the TV to avoid double-upscaling)
      Just requires support for USB 3.2.

      2. WiFi quality improvements
      They could improve the antennae replacement or add more.

      3. better dock to stop scratching the screen
      They mention this in the video. They’re just asking for a felt cover on the inside of the dock to protect the screen.

      4. larger internal storage
      Just replace the chip with a larger one. They actually designed the Switch for the flash modules to be easily replaced.

      5. better kickstand
      They’re suggesting something like the Surface Pro which I believe would be more complicated to manufacture.

      6. bigger screen size (smaller bezels)
      Would require a screen with less control stuff around the edges and of course a larger (maybe 7 inch) screen. Would definitely increase price but not some insane amount.

      1. A revision wouldn’t improve 3rd party support because they would still have to support the original hardware. If it convinced more people to buy third party games on the Switch than that would increase incentive to develop for it though.

    1. Please Nintendo I can’t afford a revision, so I wanna stay cool on school and don’t want other people who work/save cash to actually moving forward in tech. – SR388, 2019

      everyone has to be like me and stand still in life

      1. Wtf lol I like that acting twas good! … I can afford lots being a collector I just don’t see the point, if they going to revise it and make it more powerful and give it a full overhaul might as well make a new console lol hence I never saw point in PS4 pro and Xbox X

        1. Revisions are done as a means to prolong the life of a system so they can spend more time on developing a proper successor since a revision is cheaper & a lot quicker to do than a fully fledged new console. So I’d hardly call them pointless.

          1. Ninty has never really done it, Sega didn’t do it, original Xbox didn’t do it. It’s inon playstation that has done it all the time … To the average person who isn’t in the know, how annoying going out buying your new switch then a couple weeks later you find out there’s a better one that has more stuff? That would possibly me off no end lol

    2. I totally see your point because the switch is great as it is.
      Nintendo have always bumped up the speck of a portable console so it’s likely they’ll do it with the switch. ( no need for a fully blown new console ).yet.
      But with PlayStation and Xbox going up a notch with performance etc very soon Nintendo need to be there or the 3rd party’s just simply won’t bring all their games to the system.
      It’s great that companies like Bethesda have brought their games to the console, but you can bet ur life with games like elder 6 in development this is gona be next gen stuff and Nintendo will need a more powerful unit if we want these sort of games on a Nintendo console.
      We want to be with the times, getting games now, not waiting 3-4yrs for Nintendo to release a console so we can play games like rdr2 when it’s been our for god knows how many years already.
      I’ve been a Nintendo person from day 1 and it would be nice to see them top the list of power console, but their always a step behind for several years now.
      Having said that, the games they make are so good that you don’t always need the best performance and the switch is rocking with indies too selling loads more than all other formats.
      Nintendo games will always be my favourite, but I do want other games too, preferably on a Nintendo console, but that won’t be possible unless their up to date with everyone else.

      1. First off, thanks! 😋 … I know, the ps5 and nextbox will be on the way soon, games like you said elder Scrolls 6 won’t come to switch and I bet you Ninty ain’t got make a switch revision from what it is now to on par with the power of the new consoles. That’s a huge jump and far to unrealistic like putting a jet engine in a motor scooter lol … I love my Switch don’t get me wrong and I love Nintendo but they are backward, the switch should be more powerful, I always thought they should have released it a year later with better, newer tech … If if they do revise it what are they going to improve???

  3. 4K? These peoples dont use brain! I dont need 4K. I need better joycons durability. Mine first joycons stop working after 1200hour of skyrim (maibe lego city ruin joycons too). Need handheld Only Switch, better battery and oled screen..
    4K? Stupid idea..

    1. Please Nintendo I can’t afford a 4K Tv, so everyone should stay in the past like me. Alex214

      You having 1200 in a game like Skyrim says it all. If you actually bought a good game and invested your time in working 1100 hours, you could actually afford a 4K tv and see how amazing a REAL 4K HDR is kiddo.

      1. I own every mayor gaming console on market. Mine ps4 pro is actual Only dust catcher. On xbox Only sometime Forza play. In “mine” house is 8k panasonic 152cm. I can buy every electro i need. Last year i live in mine “too owned” second canadian style wood house out of big city in nature of carpathians Forrest near Bratislava. Preferably i play Switch on handheld but use on tv too. Many hours. I no work for rich peoples. I am no slave, i am free people and mine time i use for sex, food and gaming. Switch is best handheld on market, If i need play 4K i play on ps4. But i play on Switch for easy cableless, fast start power off Machine. Nintendo never invest bilióna ínto console concurent Playstation and xbox. Gamerw no need more graphic. Gamers need nintendo quality game design and level architecture.

  4. 1. 4K output support (upscaling the games to 4K and outputting a 4K signal to the TV to avoid double-upscaling)
    A. Not gonna happen sadly.

    2. WiFi quality improvements
    B. For those that need it, sure. Better internet all around would be even better, though, for the less fortunate.

    3. Better dock to stop scratching the screen
    C. We need a better dock all around. One with a built-in external hard drive for those that stick to mostly docked gaming.

    4. Larger internal storage
    D. The dock having a built-in external hard drive would make up for the lack of internal storage on the Switch itself if more internal storage isn’t possible.

    5. Better kickstand
    E. I don’t need it but I do agree it could do with a better kickstand. It feels like I’m about to break the damn thing off when I do go to fidget with it to get to the Micro SD Card.

    6. bigger screen size (smaller bezels)
    F. If the bigger screen comes with bigger Joy-Cons, hell yeah! The current ones are small & flat as fuck and is damn near hard to use unless attached to the grip. Not something I want to use if playing a game where you can use both Joy-Cons’ motion controls.

    1. It’s not just WiFi strength, even Bluetooth strength isn’t great. My right JoyCon drops input all the time even with a direct line of site with the system. That’s probably more a problem with the actual controller but a better antenna Switch-side would help.

      They’re not gonna make bigger JoyCons though. It would make things really confusing. I do agree that they suck though.

        1. There’s a lot they could do with the Joycons but the more and more I think of it, I just think the Switch was a dumb idea. Like one of the things I disliked about the Wii was that it was gadgety. There was a whole bunch of accessories and attachments that you could totally buy but when not into use they become hunks of plastic around your house.

          That’s why I’ll still defend the Wii U despite it’s obvious flaws. Things like the Wii Speak, a camera, drawing tablet, sensor bar, NFC, audio, TV remote, and traditional controls were all consolidated into one controller. It’s just too bad they didn’t think about the detachable controls idea yet because then they could have had it break into something like the Joycons but with a more ergonomic shape.

          The fact that everything about the Switch had to be designed with portability in mind meant that the first thing that had to be sacrificed was ergonomics. Even with the straps, they just feel bad because their main problem is that position of the buttons don’t respect the natural movement of your thumbs.

        1. Yea I get what you mean. I just can’t help but think about how annoying it would be to constantly have to pop that grip on an off so they you can charge them when they’re not in use.

  5. I could do without 4K.. imagine this amazing image only to turn into a slide show once you started moving lol. Now if they boosted performance to handle 4K that would be sick but I can’t imagine the price being what it is now.. Ninty usually doesn’t take losses when pricing a console. Personally I would just like a performance boost where I can go into the Lost Woods in BOTW and it run at 60fps and not 20 lol.

  6. As for Digital Foundry’s “wish list” of revision ideas…

    1) 4K – This doesn’t mean that much to me. It’s not that important, and not a priority. If it has it, cool. But it really doesn’t need it. And it won’t bother me at all if its not there.
    2) Better Wifi – I’ve never had a problem with the wifi on the Switch, so this also isn’t a priority with me. But, sure, making it better is always a good thing. Tho, even if it is “improved”, I’m not sure I’d see the difference. Maybe quicker download times from the eShop. But games wise I’ve never had a problem.
    3) Better Dock – Yeah, I agree. I was disappointed with how cheap the original dock felt. I expected it to be sturdier, but it just felt like a cheap light piece of plastic, instead of a console base. Also, it not having a softer internal front panel to protect the screen was definitely an oversight. The whole thing can be redesigned for the better. Granted, I’ve never scratched my screen on it, but I know others have. But yeah, this can be designed in a much better way.
    4) Larger Internal Memory – Yeah, of course. The more the merrier, I say. I currently have 54 retail titles, and another 30 or so digital titles, and both my internal and external memory are always full. I’m constantly ‘archiving’ games that I’ve already beaten, and won’t play again for a while, just to make room for new games. So, as much memory as possible is always a great addition.
    5) Better Kickstand – I agree with a better kickstand. I’ve only used it a few times. Never had a problem with it. It’s always held up perfect. Never fallen over. Never snapped off. Never had a problem with it (again). Also, not sure why so many other people have problems with it. But, I agree that it could be better.
    6) Bigger Screen – I see this happening. I welcome it. I play in handheld mode way, way, way more than I do in docked mode. So the bigger screen is definitely a welcome addition. I already see Nintendo planning this, which I’m ok with.

    As for me, besides the 6 things that Digital Foundry brought up,…

    1) Better Processor – I feel like a new system will have this regardless. So mostly just mentioning it just to mention it.
    2) Interface Update – I would like for the games list to be either separated into two categories, with the internal games clearly separated from the games that need a cartridge to play, or back to the old way with only digital games shown and only whatever cartridge is in the machine. As I mentioned earlier, I have 54 retail games, and about 30 digital games, and on the Switch, they are all mixed together, based on what was last played. Granted, there’s an icon to indicate which games need what, and I know which games need what, as I know what I have retail vs digital. But still, I’d like to have either 2 separate lists, or, just have it only show which cartridge is in the Switch, and not all of the games. And also,, because I have a lot of games, and have had to archive a lot, for space, perhaps an Archive list as well, as those are mixed in too. I hate seeing a game, forgetting that I have it archived, and clicking on it, and it starts to download, just to tell me that there’s no space to download, and now it’s on my ‘front page’ of the main screen.
    3) Joycons+ – I haven’t had a problem with the Joycon’s, myself. Tho, after having it since launch day, one of my joycon’s is starting to get a little ‘drift’ issue. But it’s not a problem right now. But, I have friends who have had the drift issue for a long time, and it’s gotten worse and worse, to the point where their controllers are basically unusable. Anytime they plug it in, it immediately starts moving all around on its own. Making navigating menus, and playing games, a huge hassle for them. So I let them borrow mine. But, I’m afraid that in time, mine will get to the point. Luckily, I have a few JoyCon sets, and only 1 of the controllers is just now starting to show signs of it. But I don’t want it to start to become a problem. Especially with all of them, as those Joycons aren’t cheap. It’s not like I can just go spend $20 to replace it, when they are like $80.
    4) Update All button – So, a lot of games I notice update themselves by themselves. I’m cool with that. Other times, I’ll press + and update the game manually. But, when I do that, I find that I tend to go up and down the entire list and manually check every game by hand. And with my large list of retail and digital games, it takes a lot longer than it should. And there are games that end up having updates that I honestly didn’t think would have an update. Which is why I decide to always check them all. So, it would be nice if there was a way to select “Update All” and let it search for updates for every game at once, instead of having to manually do it for each individual title. Especially with more and more games continuously releasing.
    5) Better Battery Life – As I mentioned earlier, I play way, way more in Handheld Mode than in Docked Mode. However, I also bought a 3rd Party 8 Foot USB C cord, so I can play anywhere, and charge it when anywhere, without having to dock it. So I can keep my gaming going for longer periods in handheld mode. But, like with the new processor, I figure this will be part of any standard revision and mostly mentioning for the sake of mentioning. Especially since I have a long cord to continuously play my long sessions in handheld mode now as it is.
    6) Communication – I liked the 3DS and Wii U ways of being able to chat (or draw) to friends and a larger community at whole. I understand that there are those out there at ruined it for everybody. But I liked being able to message people and stay in contact through the system. I’d like to see that return in some form.
    7) Streetpass – I’d like to see the StreetPass feature come to the Switch. StreetPass games and functionality. I see more and more people take their Switch out and about in the world. And, I go to the big San Diego Comic Con every year, and get tons and tons of StreetPasses on my 3DS. But also, I see people bring their Switch to have something to do while standing in line. A few times, they let random strangers join in and play with them and there’s be big groups of strangers all playing together. So adding StreetPass to the Switch would be great.

    I’m sure I can think of more, but just off of the top of my head, those are the improvements that I’d like to see, in addition to what Digital Foundry has mentioned.

    1. An update all button would be nice. Of course, I need it on my PS4 more than my Switch (at the moment.) A few months back, I had to go through each game of mine to manually update quite a few of them as they had updates that never automatically popped up on their own.

  7. I’m indifferent about most of that wishlist, but I adamantly agree with the increased internal storage and better kickstand. I don’t care what anyone says- 32GB is NOT enough memory in this day and age where AAA games can take a total of 10 gigs at minimum (save for those compression wizards at Nintendo, but then again, they know their hardware better than anyone). The kickstand not being centered was also a goofy choice- all anyone has to do is slightly knock the system from the wrong angle and down it goes.

    I’d be quite alright without any of the other wanted changes in a revision- the bigger the screen the more it defeats the purpose of being a portable machine, Nintendo’s WiFi just isn’t going to improve this gen, I treat my Switch like a newborn and am obsessively careful with it so I don’t have the dock scratching issue, and I don’t *need* 4K to enjoy my games. Just improve the kickstand and internal memory and I’ll be a happy camper.

  8. I hope to see an upgrade in the next year or two. It’s exciting thinking about all the possibilities a new Switch can offer.

    But, then again, this is Nintendo we’re talking about. So, I’ll try not to set my expectations too high. 🙃

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