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Mature-Themed Cinderella Game Cinders Coming Soon To Nintendo Switch

If you’re tired of the typical Cinderella story, a game called Cinders mixes things up by telling its own version of the classic fairy tale. Touted as a mature take on Cinderella, Cinders is a visual novel that revolves around player choices and shaping the story in any way you like – with multiple endings, 120 decision points and more than 300 different choices. The game will be released in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on February 14, courtesy of publisher Crunching Koalas.

16 thoughts on “Mature-Themed Cinderella Game Cinders Coming Soon To Nintendo Switch”

    1. visual novels are incredible. Don’t judge vns if you haven’t played Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, or Danganronpa. This one doesn’t look appealing though.

      1. mmc2017, I agree. The music and art style are ok. I’m also interested how classic tales deliver the twist. Maybe this game will help me embrace Visual Novels more. Lux Obscura entertained me well so I guess this one deserves a shot.

      2. I never really considered AA as a visual novel. It’s more of a text heavy puzzle game series than a VN from what I’ve seen of the games. Can’t say anything about the other two since I haven’t really played or watched anything from them

      3. CosmicTornado, all you’re doing is catching on to ways of doing VNs well. Though to adress your comment, in AA words /are/ the puzzles and gameplay. Inconsistencies between testimonies and things like that, a VN with light puzzle elements, not the other way around.

  1. Looks good, unfortunately I’m too old for this (I do lack patience, innocence and urgence to explore). If they translate it in my language I’ll think on buying it for my children. I doubt they will do it, anyway…
    I would have enjoyed it thirty years ago.

      1. In the Brothers Grimm version, they are actually fairly beautiful themselves (beautiful faces & fair skin) & are only ugly on the inside. They do get their beauty mutilated & their eyes plucked out at the end of the book by some pigeons, though, forcing them to a life of blindness. (Oh & the other cuts off their heel to get their foot into the slipper.)

        And I was mistaken. I forgot that my research into it years back revealed that Cinderella (the brothers Grimm version of the story is called Aschenputtel) isn’t even the original version of the story & is merely one of the more famous, or well known, versions of today. The original story dates back even long before their time. The earliest known version of the story, in oral form, was spoken of by Strabo, a Greek historian, philosopher, etc during the transition of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire (it was spoken of either at the end of the 1st century BC or the beginning of the 1st century AD) called Rhodopis. So its possible the original story goes even further back than that.

        Anyway, Disney’s animated version is based on the late 1600s version by the French author Charles Perrault who added the now famous fairy godmother, pumpkin turned into a carriage, & “glass” slippers; it’s also why the Disney version is set in France. Disney did make their own little changes here & there to set it apart from Perrault’s version. For instance, in Perrault’s version, Cinderella goes to at least two different balls on two different nights & her father is still very much alive; he’s dominated by his second wife so Cinderella doesn’t tell her father about the abuse & mistreatment since he would just scold her, anyway. (I guess Disney was against exposing children to a terrible biological father so that’s probably why he’s dead, too, in the animated film.)

  2. I played it on steam and it was a lot of fun.
    Not sure why it’s labeled as ‘mature’ though… If I had to give it a rating I suppose a soft Teen rating would fit but it’s definitely not a restricted game.

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