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Rumor: Metroid Prime Trilogy, Pikmin 4 And Super Mario Maker 2 Will Be Announced During Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

Tomorrow will be a big day for Nintendo fans across the globe. It is when the first Nintendo Direct of 2019 will take place, promising major announcements and some unexpected surprises. According to a number of rumors that have been making the rounds, the upcoming presentation will include reveals of Metroid Prime Trilogy, Pikmin 4 and Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch. There’s currently no way to confirm the authenticity of these reports, but we’ll all find out whether they’re true starting at 2 p.m. PT tomorrow, February 13.


    1. Dude… Really?

      Why use same tech from 10-15 years ago lol
      It’ll be in HD and I would of thought retextured similar to what TP and WW had on WiiU 😋


    1. 3D would be amazing, like having SM64, 3D World/Land, Galaxy, Odyssey and other styles, but if i’m being honest, it would be hard to implement it without making it complicated


      1. And it’d probably be too much work to make, too. Also I can’t see why anyone would ever play any other game if the servers are constantly pumping new worlds to explore. But it would be cool!


  1. King Zell said that these games would be announced sometime in the year, not at the Nintendo Direct. Get your facts strait guys


  2. I’ll believe it when I see it. These so-called leakers were completely wrong about the last nintendo announcement.
    Why can’t I just get a damn Ninja Gaiden Z trilogy or a complete Zelda collection (excluding BotW that is) along with a complete Metroid collection (including every Metroid game ever released, that means every GB and DS game)?!
    If Nintendo really wanted to sell Switch consoles they would release collections of their games from previous gens and get 3rd parties to do the same, like Bioware with a Mass Effect trilogy, Square Enix with a Parasite Eve Collection (including 3rd Birthday), or better yet how about Bethesda with their Dishonored series, I’m pretty damn sure Switch owners would buy A Dishonored trilogy the moment that series got announced.
    These publishers are retarded.


  3. Personally the games I’m interested in nothing has been announced for a long time, rumours and all that have been wrong so many times and I’m not getting my hopes up for tonite

    Seeing as Metroid is like my favourite thing on the planet, I want Metroid stuff!
    Would love Pikmin 4.
    Mario maker 2… Meh
    DXM looks great
    Luigi’s Mansion 3 looks wow
    Sooo want a new F-ZERO!!!
    Remember this rumoured Starfox racing???
    Bayo 3 stuff please

    That’s all I can think of now as I just woke up lol


  4. @alba Where are you getting these rumors? You need to add a source. This isn’t king zell’s rumor (he says Pikmin 3 and he’s not sure if these will be at the direct). I have found this rumor (With Pikmin 4 and them actually mentioning them in the direct) NOWHERE on the internet. Or is this your own source? Just clarify, so we know if this was just misreporting or if you’re talking about something you’ve heard.

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  5. Rumor headline? Check.

    Hyperlink sourcing that redirects to your own site, without any corroborating info? Check.

    No attribution to the source of the rumor at Reset Era? Check.

    It’s like shit-journalism Yahtzee.


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