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Here’s The BloodStained Box-Art

The official box-art for the promising Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been revealed on Twitter. The art was painted by ArtPlay’s Mana Ikeda and as you can see, it looks absolutely stunning. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is due out on the Nintendo Switch this summer.


  1. I’ve watched the gameplay and trailer and I’m really amazed. However, I’m kinda upset. News about it finally broke out, and here I am worried of not being able to play it due to the backlog of games I got. So many awesome games this year.

    1. I totally get you on the backlog. I’ve started so many games but haven’t finished them because of others. I haven’t even touched Red Dead 2 since Smash Ultimate came out, and I’m not even out of chapter 2 yet.

      1. Maybe because RDR2 is overhyped bore fest.

        The only gameplay in that game is like Gear of wars, duck and shoot all the rest is watching the back of a horse and following a GPS map and watching movies.

        THat’s what PS4 is a movie player.

      2. Anyway, on a more serious note, I’ve been busy with the Kingdom Hearts franchise since mid or late December 2018. I’ve made it through 1, Chain, 358/2 Days, 2, Birth, Re:Coded, Dream, & 0.2. I’ll watch X (Key) Back Cover next then it’s 3 tomorrow. I’m happy & excited but also a little sad that my journey is nearly over. :/ Then there is the fact Leonard Nimoy (Master Xehanort) & Christopher Lee (DiZ/Ansem the Wise) can’t voice the characters they did so well because they are no longer with us. The road to KH3 has been both happy & sad. Such is life, though. All good things must come to an end.

        1. Since we’re all sharing, I’ve been busy with Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy XI, and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn.
          So many games to play, I’m kinda glad Spring is looking light on games I’m interested in.

            1. Yeah, screw those MMO Final Fantasy games. I’m sure they are fun but I get addicted enough to non-MMO games, so I steer clear of that genre. My life would be over if I got into one or more of those. As for RE2 & FF9, I’ve got them on my PS4 backlog so I’ll get to them eventually.

    2. I’ll chime in, too.

      Playing Resident Evil 2 Remake which is just absolutely amazing. I love the horror genre, and this game is just a perfect culmination of survival-horror. Definitely one of my new favs! Then I’m working through Hollow Night, Night in the Woods, 40 hours into Persona 5, playing Wargroove, and still needing to go back and finish Xenoblade.

      Then Metro comes out Friday, I’m gonna pick up FF9 this week, FF7 next month, Mario Maker in June, Astral Chain late summer, Animal Crossing the fall, and hopefully Death Stranding later. Just soooo much to play, and I don’t have the money or time to experience it all.

  2. I’ve been really looking forward to this one. It looks great.
    Hope the gameplay is up there with how it looks.
    I have a huge castlevania itch and hopefully this is gona scratch it!

  3. I’m going to be straightforward and honest. When I first saw it I thought it was awesome! Especially Miriam’s face. I love the gaze and lighting! It really reminds me of Ayami Kojima’s work and is very Castlevania. But the more I look at it, the more I find off. I like the idea of Gebel’s reflection on the sword, but it stands out awkwardly being a flat image on a sword with depth. It breaks off from the overall style abruptly. It was risky having Miriam’s left hand coming forward. It came out well, but her gaze being upward doesn’t help the gesture. I also think her grip on the sword is not quite fitting. I mostly like Mana’s work, including her first art print for bloodstained, but I feel her proportions can get a bit lost sometimes, like the left shoulder and upper arm here. And I can’t help but wonder what Ayami Kojima would have come up with.

  4. We need more babes, chicks and girls in games. All sizes and colors with and without clothing.

  5. I’ve been looking forward to this game for years. It’s the ONLY game I have ever supported on Kickstarter, or any other similar type of fan crowd sourcing site. I was sad to keep seeing it get delayed more and more. Also, I originally got it for the Wii U, but when they cancelled that, I was given an option for other systems. I chose the Switch. Got my Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon code, and have that on the Switch. However, this finally comes this summer, and I can’t wait. However, I always go back to San Diego for the big Comic-Con event there every July. Haven’t missed it in over 10 years. So I’m hoping that this game gets mailed to me before the trip. I would hate for it to arrive while I’m in San Diego. Of course, I’d be ok with it if it arrived after I got back from the event. I’m just hoping it doesn’t arrive during the week I’ll be at the event. But I am highly looking forward to finally playing this game. I’m really excited that they got WayForward to help out with the game. They make great “Metroidvania” style games. So I’m glad that they are involved to help smooth things out. Can’t wait.

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