Rumour: Google Now Set To Reveal Video Game Hardware At GDC 2019

It seems that as well as Project Stream, which is Google’s cloud based video game service which was recently publicly tested running Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in the Chrome web browser, the tech company will be unveiling video game hardware at the Games Developer Conference 2019 which takes place next month. The video game hardware is currently known as Project Yeti internally at Google. The Game Developers Conference takes place in San Francisco on March 19th.



  1. Yeah, I’m not hyped at all. It will probably just be a stream box with no physical games or interesting exclusive (if any at all). Probably just going to buy some timed exclusives from people.

    If I’m wrong and they’re coming with in-house developed tripple A games with physical media… then I’m hyped to see what they’re brining to the table.

      1. Don’t expect much more either. Makes more sense for them. Less risk and investment. They don’t need to produce and keep stock of games. While they have distribution systems, and will need it for the streaming box itself, not having to keep track of physical games will make life easier for them. And they will probably eliminate piracy and misplaced games with streaming as well. No second hand marked either. Only win for them. Only we as the consumers will be the looser.

  2. So after Soulja Boy, now Google.

    I see that they’ll be participating in the console war.

    I wonder what kind of Video Game Console they’ll be putting against PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

    Man, I have a lot in mind: a chromebook designe gaming system, or only a deep Unity integration for Android, or maybe a direct rendering engine.

    I’m so interested.

    1. Soulja Boy’s systems are ripped off 3rd party systems with inferior hardware compared to the originals, and came with illegally unlicensed ROMS placed on them.
      I don’t think that Google is going to be anywhere as bad as that.

  3. Really not interested at all. I’m sure whatever it is will need constant internet access to play everything and I hate that whole idea. We’ll see though but the idea of more hardware with obligatory exclusive deals it will surely have is not exactly something to be pleased about. It’s already expensive enough with the options we have at the moment

  4. I think that three major gaming systems had the market fully covered. Google is just as unlikely to succeed as any of the other attempts that have occurred in the last decade.

    1. Well we’ve got Google and Amazon coming now! We shall see if they succeed at it. Amazon would be interesting because of Twitch and Amazon Prime subscriptions. I could see them doing something with those. Kinda like how you get free PC games each month on Twitch if you have your Prime account and Twitch account linked. We will see!

  5. As long as Nintendo, Microsoft, & Sony are making home consoles, Google would be better off just doing like Steam & Discord and just do a digital game store for PCs, smartphones, & tablets. That’s 6 different devices for video games (7 if we count the 3DS) so an 7th/8th would be overkill for some, if not most, gamers.

    1. Now maybe if Microsoft or Sony were on their way out, I’d say for Google to go for it but neither of those guys are leaving the console business any time soon. Unless Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is lying about working on a new system & was merely buying up other developers to expand their game library for when they go 3rd party, I don’t see them bowing out just yet. Maybe if the next Xbox system doesn’t do so great, maybe they’ll bow out then.

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