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Jeux Video: Regular Meetings Between Nintendo And Xbox Team, Ori, Cuphead, Game Pass, And X Cloud, Coming To Nintendo Switch This Year

France’s biggest gaming website Jeuxvideo has been on a roll today with Xbox leaks and has more Nintendo and Microsoft collaboration information. The site says that Nintendo and the Xbox Team have had regular meetings in Redmond Washington about partnership. The site says firstly that Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest will come to the Nintendo Switch platform and that more than 100 Xbox games will be available on the Nintendo Switch via Xbox Game Pass via X Cloud before the end of the year. Here’s a summary from Reset Era member Ex-Actarus:

  • Nintendo and Microsoft had several meetings in Redmond regarding their upcoming partnership
  • They confirm Ori and the Blind Forest will come on the Swith, but Cuphead as well
  • More than 100 Xbox games will be available on Switch via Gamepass and/or X Cloud ( before the end of the year )
  • Rare games could also come to the Switch. No details, but believes Rare Replay could be a good candidate.
  • No mention of Scalebound during their investigation
  • Their sources refuses to say if Nintendo games could end up on Microsoft platforms
  • A high profile Microsoft franchise ( Halo, Forza or Gears ) could come on the Nintendo Switch. However, they don’t know in what capacity ( 360 port ? Xbox One game ? ). This is still under discussion between Microsoft and Nintendo.
  • Confirmed by : meetings between Nintendo and Microsoft, Ori and the Blind Forest, Cuphead, Gamepass and X Cloud coming to the Switch 
  • Rumors : Halo, Forza or Gears and Rare games coming to the Switch

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71 thoughts on “Jeux Video: Regular Meetings Between Nintendo And Xbox Team, Ori, Cuphead, Game Pass, And X Cloud, Coming To Nintendo Switch This Year”

    1. Seems like a Netflix vs Disney + … Microsoft will test the portable market via the switch. If it becomes a success then Micro will build their own and pull the app to use on that! Creating a new Sony vs Nintendo situation that birthed the PlayStation brand. I’m not getting this??

  1. Cuphead and Ori I find very believable. Xcloud… hmm… then Nintendo would lose a lot of third party support quite fast. How will Nintendo profit from people playing Doom on Xcloud rather than buying the Switch port? (I would buy the physical Switch version, but that’s me).

    The only thing that is realistic about this, is that Nintendo want to be prepared for next gen consoles; and knows that they have no chance to keep up with streaming. Microsoft have just recently ramped up their server-infrastructure with ocean-cooled servers around the world to prepare for things like game streaming. I bet Nintendo is just joining forces with MS while both of them are underdogs of Sony. Until Nintendo have a solid infrastructure themselves, they might just use Xbox Live for streaming.

    1. I figure that 3rd party can’t use the excuse of not putting games on switch because of “insert excuses here.” Gamepass is becoming much more than a Netflix version of games, a lot of new games release on it date and date. And if they keep at it then the switch will be getting those new games on release date. So it just means more games.

    2. “How will Nintendo profit from people playing Doom on Xcloud rather than buying the Switch port?”

      By charging Microsoft a licensing fee.

      1. Most of MS games on Game Pass are older games which probably have broke even by now. Even when Nintendo takes a piece of that cake there will probably be profits for MS that way, but I can’t imagine it is that much. Especially if MS realase all the newest games on Switch the same time as other places as well.

        And like Doom in this instance. Shall Nintendo get a license of a game MS is taking license from Bethesda? For 50-60 dollars a year? Between all those titles I find it hard to be extremely profitable.

      2. For whatever reason, my first reply didn’t post. It was a bit lengthy and I’m not a big fan of retyping, so I’ll try to be concise.

        There are a bunch of hypothetical reasons. They could speculate that a smaller percentage on Microsoft’s service will be worth more money because it will have a larger pool of players than Switch ports of “hardcore” games. They could be getting an absolutely killer offer from MS who is known for throwing around lots of cash when trying to establish new platforms. They could be thinking that taking less money is worthwhile to put more pressure on Sony to come up with valid reasons to buy a PS over a Switch.

        Now which one of these are some other reason are hard to say without specific numbers, which we’ll never get.

  2. I can’t really get my head around it tbh. I get that it would be beneficial to Nintendo as people with a Switch would now have access to even more games and games that may not be able to run well therefore making the Switch even more attractive than it is already and generate more sales. It would be beneficial for Microsoft as they would make extra money from more people buying gamepass and other games from their store. But it surely means they are no longer a serious console maker. There will probably still be Xbox consoles and some people who like the design choices they make would still get them but most people I imagine would buy a Switch and have access to Nintendo and Microsoft only games as well as all the third party stuff on one system. Very weird.

    1. Any low-latency streaming service will run better on the Xbox One simply because it can use gigabit ethernet. The portability of the Switch also wouldn’t matter for much since you’d be tied to a WiFi access point with frames being dropped and latency increasing as signal strength goes down.

      I really think Microsoft is just figuring that since streamed games don’t really care about architectural specifics, there’s no point in limiting it solely to their own platform.

    1. That would be so good.

      Although I’d love a complete remake in hd of this game.
      Can you imagine online multiplayer with this game. Playing with my brother years ago with this was just pure brilliance.

    2. Unfortunately, the many licenses and other legal &$#@ required make it impossible to ever be rereleased.
      However, Perfect Dark is a good game.

      1. I’m glad it isn’t them. They’ve been to arrogant this gen and they need to be humbled a bit. This MS/Partnership is sure to shake them the fuck up at the very least.

  3. Maybe MS sees the Switch as an opportunity to get a portable Xbox console without having to actually produce it, there have been rumors of MS wanting to enter the portable console market and this could be the perfect opportunity to do that. And Switch owners would benefit by getting access to some of the Xbox game catalog if they don’t have one.

    I know there should be more to it than that, but that’s the basic idea I get anyway.

    1. You’re Right👍
      M$ wants a portable. NTD has the handheld market on lock!!

      M$ does EXCELLENT Superior Online. NTD’s Online SUCKS!!

      NTD has Top Notch legendary 1st party GAMES that are great whether online or not! M$ has had great 1st party games in past generations that unfortunately were mostly fun with Xbox Live & not without. But in this generation M$ is lacking that Magic that NTD & even SONY has with their games. (other than FORZA & possibly FABLE)

      NTD doesn’t want to produce a 4k home console. M$ produce 4k consoles in their sleep!!

      NTD wants more 3rd party support.
      M$ has monster 3rd party support!!

      This is defintely a match made in heaven🤗

      1. I totally agree with you my friend, both companies and users alike would benefit a lot from this if done right.

        I don’t have an Xbox but I really wouldn’t mind paying for the Xbox Game Pass if I could play their games on my Switch and I’m pretty sure a lot of Xbox users would buy a Switch if it could offer them portability for their Xbox games.

        Like you said, this is a match made in heaven.

        Let’s just hope this is true and if they do something, that they do it right.

    1. That’s because the Industry is changing my friend. I believe this is why Reggie is Retiring. To have Doug Bowser step in & usher this new shift in balance of NTD+M$ gaming🤗

      1. I suppose you’re correct. I didn’t think about it that way. I should stop thinking about the old Nintendo and start thinking about the present, huh?

    2. Reggie hasn’t left yet you moron, stop doom speaking literal nonsense, Nintendo exist as a company before Reggie and nit will after Him. And despite what half the morons on this side think the president of Nintendo isn’t the only one making decisions. He’s a small part of an entire board of directors. But no continue to be stupid and jump to insane conclusions

      1. You’re right. Reggie isn’t the only one making decisions. BUT as the president of a regional division of a company, he should think of the customers within his region & actually stand up to his bosses when they make stupid decisions that kick the customers in the face even if it costs him his job. But if Reggie is as good as some people think he is, I’m sure he could have easily bounced back from being fired by Nintendo for standing up for the customers. Believe it or not, there are still companies out there that realize keeping your potential customers happy is good for business so they can make their customers happy AND still make a lot of money in the process, so a guy like Reggie that stands up for the customers would be welcomed with open arms at these companies.

    3. I’m glad that sack of turd is leaving. He never cared about us gamers and always focused on the casual. I get it, he was a businessman, but Nintendo is Nintendo because of us loyal fans. Iwata had to start overseeing NoA since reggie couldn’t do shit for us.

      1. And yet we still got incredible game after incredible game and PLENTY of gimmicks too. I think we were pretty well off, don’t you?

        1. We did pretty well… after 2013, which is after Iwata took over. Before then we got games all spread out and rarely got anything worthwhile. Mario, Zelda, and anything like that was a given. But so many games from Japan that we never got. Not to mention Club Nintendo and how it turned to crap. Long time loyal fans got shafted during that time.

          1. I think that 2017 was the PERFECT year for me, I liked all the games that came that year. But then it was kind of just silence or a port or two sometimes… Yeah this year hasn’t been that great yet…

            1. Patience my young grasshopper. This year shall end well enough.

              I agree though, 2017 was the best year that the switch has had. Let’s hope things get better. Specially now with a new president.

          2. I remember the time we almost didn’t get Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, & Pandora’s Tower because of Reggie. As much as I’d love to say it was the Operation Rainfall movement that got those games to finally come stateside, I sadly think the real reason they came was because the Wii wasn’t doing so well in it’s last years and those 3 games were brought over in the hopes they might reinvigorate Wii sales.

            Of course, it could have been a combination of the two.

  4. Hm, seems interesting at all but let’s hope that maybe through this fated meeting we will get a better online service for the switch.

  5. R.I.P. Sony?

    I rather hope that this is true. I’d buy Ori and The Blind Forest on day 1. And probably day 1 Rare Replay as well.
    And now that I think about it, they could add all four Rare made Donkey Kong Country games and Diddy Kong Racing to the Nintendo version of the collection.
    However, I’m less comfortable with the idea of Microsoft having Nintendo games on the XBox. The first party Switch games should, in my opinion, remain Nintendo exclusive. However, I could get down with some NES and SNES games being made available so long as they are also available on the Switch online subscription as well.

    1. They are excellent games. Another game that I would recommend is Jet Force Gemini, which is also from Rare Replay and with Nintendo having analogs sticks, it can be played even better than when it released on N64.

    2. (Since my comment is awaiting moderation without any reason, I will have to reply again, changing a few things)

      Another game that I would recommend is Jet Force G-e-m-i-n-i, which is also from Rare Replay and with Nintendo having two a-n-a-l-o-g-s s-t-i-c-k-s, it can be played better than the N64 version.

  6. This year’s E3 is going to be very interesting even if Sony is sitting it out this year.

    With Sony sitting out E3 this year, I wonder if this might be a sign that E3 is finally going to slowly die out as Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo host their own events during the Summer months within the next year or so. Or it could just be Sony sitting the event out because they don’t want to do yet another E3 in a row where they show off roughly the same games again from the previous E3. Then there is also the fact most of the games Sony showed last year were also shown in the Microsoft & Square Enix events that happened BEFORE Sony’s event, so it’d be embarrassing if this year’s E3 had the same thing happen 2 years in a row.

  7. Well, if this comes true, some other Microsoft characters have a higher chance to be in Smash such as Master Chief, Cuphead and Banjo. Although I’m very aware only one or two characters will be selected *cough* steveandbanjo *cough*

  8. Why did my comment got “awaiting moderation” for just spelling G-e-m-i-n-i and s-t-i-c-k-s. I didn’t mean any vulgar thing. This is ridiculous!

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